The Will of Henry Joyce Cardmaker of Godalming written 1614



In the name of God Amen the xxviij day of September in the yere of oure lord god 1614 I Henry Joyce of Godalmynge in

the county of Surrey Cardmaker beyng in goode & p[er]fect memory thanks be unto god therefore do ordeyne make

& declare this my last wyll & testament in manner & forme followynge First I do geve and bequeath my soule unto

allmyghtie god my maker & creator & unto Jesus cryste my only & sole redemer. through whose death & passion I truste

to have foregevenes of all my synnes & my bodye to the yerth to be buryed in the churchyard of godalmyng afforesaid

Item I geve unto henry joyce my sonne v s. Item I geve unto John Joyce my sonne ij s vi d. Item I geve unto Sara

my daughter ij s vi d. Item I geven unto Bridget my daughter ij s vi d. Item I geve unto Jane my daughter

ij s vi d. Item I geve unto the repearyng of the church of godallmyng ii s iiij d. Item I geve unto the pore of the

p[ar]ishe of gadallmyng iij s iiij d. all the resm resideu of my goodes whatsoever my debtes beyng payd & my

legasyes fullfylled I do geve & bequeath unto katheryne my wyfe and Rychard my sonne whome I do ordeyne & make

executors of thys my last wyll & testament to fully do the same according to the true meanyng of also I wyll that abe?

thyse sayd legacyes shalbe payd w[i]t[h]in one whole yere next after my dessease allso I wyll that all suche goods as

shall remayne unto my executores after my debtes & legacys beyng payd shalbe equallye devyded betwene my executo

by my oversears hereunder namyd and I wyll that the porcyon whych shall remayne to Rychard my sonne shall remayne in the

handes of Catheryne my wyfe or of some other as my overseers shall thinke mete under goods assuances? to be payd unto hyme

at the tyme of the ayge of xxij yeres and yf yt happen that Rychard my sonne do desseace before he shall cume to the ayge

afforesayd that then the sayd pte of hyme that remayne amongest all my children then lyvyngto have yt and yts lyke

also I ordeyne & make John Payne of godallmyng mason & micholas derye of godallmyng oversears of thys my last wyll

& testament they to se the same fullfylled acordynge to the trew meanyng thereof acordynge to the trust & confidence that

I do repose in them & I do geve unto eyther of them for there paynes takyng there vi d apece & thys ? lord have

?insh upon me ? in further wytness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand these beyng wytnes  / Henery Joyce

                                Robert Peyto

                                John Chittye

? ? ? ? ? this will the xxiiith day

Coram me Ffran: Taylor




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