The Will of Henry Denyer Maltster of Godalming signed 1763



In the name of God Amen this Fifteenth day of July in the Fifteenth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles the

Second by the grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland king defender of the faith etc And in the yeare of our

Lord One thousand six hundred sixtie & three I Henry Dennyer of Godalminge in the County of Surry Maultster being

in good health & pfect minde & memory but being in yeares & calling to minde the uncertainty of mans life doe thereupon

hereby declare This my last will & Testamt in manner and forme followinge And First I bequeath my soule to Almighty God my

maker hopeing to bee saved by the death and passion of Jesus Christ his sonne my only Saviour & redeemer And my body I Committ to

the Earth from whence it came to bee decently buryed att the discretion of Exers hereunder named And as touching my worldly

Estate I give & devise the same as followeth And First I give and bequeath to the poore of Godalminge aforesaid twenty shillinges Item

I give & devise to my daughter Elizabeth Dennyer Threescore pounds of lawfull money of England to bee paid to her by my

Exers att her age of one and twenty yeares or if she bee above the age of One & Twenty yeares at my decease then to be

paid to her within one yeare next after my decease And whereas by Indenture bearinge date the six & twentieth day of

August in the yeare of our Lord God One thousand six hundred Fiftie and eight I did covenant with George Bicknold & John

Bowler to stand seized among other Lands and Tenemts of all and in those two messuages Tenemts barne & garden with

thappurtenances formerly one messuage situate lyeinge and beinge in Godalminge aforesaid neere the market place there

Betweene the Tenemts of Richard Smith on the west pte? the Tenemt of James Lello on the east & south ptes and

the streete there on the North then or late in the teanures or occupacons of Thomas Johns and John Wilson of theire assignes

To and for the use and behooffe of mee the said Henry Dennyer dureinge my Naturall life without impeachmt of Wast & after

my decease to the use of Jane my wife who is now dead dureinge her life and after her decease to the use & behooffe of Henry

Dennyer my sonne & of his heires & assignes forever with a Provisoe therein contayned that it should and might be lawfull to and for

mee the said Henry Dennyer att any tyme dureinge my life either by my last will & Testamt in writeinge or by any other deed

or writeinge to bee by mee Subscribed Sealed published or declared in the pnce of two or more Credible witnesses to allow change

revoake determyne or make void any or either of the uses declared in the said Indenture upon our touching the messuage or

Tenemts gardens & prmisses in the said Indenture or any or either of them & to declare & limitt the same to any new or other use or uses

And that then & after such alteracon change revocacon determinacon or makeing void thereof or any pte thereof the same or

any pte thereof should thenceforth continue remayne & bee to any such new or other use or uses as should be limitted

declared or appointed either by the last will amd Testamt of mee the said Henry Dennyer or by any other deed or writeinge

as aforesaid any thing in the said Indenture contayned to the contrary notwithstandinge As by the same Indenture more?

att large it doth & may appeare now I doe hereby declare alter change revoke determyne make void the use and uses

of the messuages or tenemts & gardens aforesaid late or now in the occupacons of the said Thomas Johns & John Wilson by

the said Indenture settled upon mee the said Henry Dennyer for my life and after my decease to the said Jane my wife for her

life and after her decease to the use and behooffe of the said Henry Dennyer my sonne and his heires forever I doe hereby declare

& make void the said use & uses and every of them to all intents and purposes And I doe hereby limitt declare and appoint and

my intent and purpose is that the said messuages or Tenemts & prmisses aforesaid shall from henceforth continue remayne

& bee to the uses intents and purposes hereafter menconed (that is to say) To the use & behooffe of mee the said Henry Dennyer

for & dureing my naturall life without impeachmt of wast And from & after my decease To the use and behooffe of George

Dennyer my Sonne and Anne Dennyer my daughter their heires and assignes forever equally to be devided betweene them And to

noe other use or uses intent or purpose Provided alwaies that it shall and may bee lawfull for mee at any

tyme dureing my life to make void the uses hereby limitted or any of them and to declare and settle the

said messuages with the apptennces or any pte thereof to any new or other use or uses any thing herein contayned to the

contrary notwithstandinge And whereas I havinge settled the revercon of the said messuages on the said Henry Dennyer

my sonne & haveing hereby declared the same to be void I doe thereuppon in Leiw thereof hereby give & bequeath to the said Henry

Dennyer my Sonne Threescore and Tenn pounds of lawfull money of England to bee paid to him at his age of three & twenty

yeares by my Exers hereunder named And I doe hereby ordayne nominate and appoint the said George my Sonne & Anne my said

daughter Exers of this my last will & Testamt to whom after my debts and Legacyes paid and my funerall expences discharge

I give all the rest and residue of my goods and chells whatsoever And I doe hereby nominate and appoint George

Bicknold of Weeke and John Burlacy of Worplesdon gent to be overseers of this my last will & Testamt And I give and

bequeath to each of them Five Shillinges And I give to my daughter Jane one Shillinge In Witnes whereof to this sheete

of paper contayning my last will and Testamt I have sett my hand & seale the day and yeare First above written

Sealed published and declared to bee                                            Henry Denyer

the last will and Testamt of the said

Henry Dennyer in the pnce of

            John Childe                                                             Executores Jurati decimo nono die

            Olive Childe                                                            Martii Anno Dni 1667 coram

            Richard Turner                                                        me    Ęgidio Thornburgh



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