Will of Harry Jackson of Ashford 1951

Will is written into a printed form


This is the Last Will and Testament

of me Harry Jackson

of 44 School Road, Ashford

in the County of Middlesex,made this Eighth

day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine

hundred and fifty one. 

I HEREBY revoke all Wills made by me heretofore I appoint

My Wife, Mary Bond Jackson, and Walter John Browing (sic) of the above address

to be my Executors, and direct that all my Debts and Funeral Expenses shall be paid as soon as conveniently may be

after my decease



My wife Mary Bond Jackson all my worldly belongings, together wit the freehold

property siutate at 44 Sciool Road, Ashford, in the County of Middlesex.

Having had such a good, sound, and loving wife, I should not like to think of her

remarrying , this is not said with any disrespect or illfeeling, but it is

my wosh for her to have a comfortable and contented life afterwards. On  the

decease of my wife I direct that assets derived from the sale of the property

 be equally divided between our five children namely; my son Kenneth George

Jaclson, my daughters Muriel Mary wright, Enid Bond Douglas, Saddie Annie Reason,

and Betty Browning


Signed by the said Testator HARRY JACKSON                            {    Roy Turner

in the presenceuf us, present at the same time, who at his                  {    Ella Turner

request, in his presence, and in the presence of each other,               {    40 School Road

jave subscribed our names as witnesses                                           {    Ashford Common, Middlesex



In the High Court of Justice

The Principal Probate Registry


Road Ashford Middlesex

died on the 1st day of April 1953

at St Peters Hospital Chertsey Surrey

AND BE IT FURTHER KNOWN that at the date hereunder written the last WIll and Testament

(a copy whereof is hereunto annexed) of the said deceased was proved and registered in the Principal

Probate Registry of the High Court of Justice and that Administration of all the estate which by

law devolves to and vests in the personal representative of thesaid deceased was granted by the

aforesaid Court to MARY BOND JACKSON of 44 School Road aforesaid widow the relict of deceased and

WALTER JOHN BROWNING (in the Will called Walter John Browing) of 3 St Hilda's Avenue

Ashford aforesaid time keeper the executors named

in the said Will


And it is hereby certified that an Affadavit for Inland Revenue has been delivered wherein it is shewn that the gross value

of the said Estate in Great Britain

(exclusively of what the said deceased may have been possessed of or entitled to as a Trustee and not beneficially) amounts to


and that the nett value of the estate amounts to  1214-1-10


Dated the 7th day of August 1953


? Forbes Registrar







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