George Wyman and Mary Swain - my great great great grandparents



George Wyman was born about 1784 in Oundle and baptised at St Peterís Oundle on 25th July 1785. His parents were Matthew Wyman, a wheelwright, and Susannah Arnsby. Mary Swain was born on 6th May 1787 in Wellington, Somerset and baptised on 28th October 1787 at the Presbyterian Independent Chapel at Wellington. It is not clear how people from these places should meet, but they married on 2nd January 1812 at St Peterís Oundle. George was a wheelwright in West Street Oundle. George died on 9th July 1855 in Oundle and was buried at St Peterís on 11th July.

George and Mary had the following children, who were not baptised at St Peter's Oundle:-

Fanny Wyman was born in 1817 in Oundle. She married John Compton, a tailor, in September quarter 1839 in Oundle. She died in September quarter  1891 in Wellingborough, and John died in June quarter 1883 in Wellingborough. They had 6 children.

Robert Wyman was born in 1818 in Oundle. He was a Wheelwright and apparently a Chartist. He emigrated to Adelaide, South Australia, ad Married Sarah Chapman of Hertford on 19th June 1870 in Adelaide.

John Wyman was born in 1823 in Oundle. He was a wheelwright and married Hannah Lee on 31st March 1847 in Oundle. They emigrated to Adelaide, South Australia. John died in Adelaide on 24th November 1891 and Hannah died on 23rd January 1913 also in Adelaide. They had 10 children.

Sophia Wyman, my great great grandmother, was born in 1828 in Oundle. She married Staffurth Clarke, a watchmaker, on 24th Dec 1850 in St Peterís Oundle. They lived in the watchmakerís in Market place and nearby in New Street and West Street. They had 11 children. Staffurth died on 23rd September 1887 and was buried on 26th September at St Peterís, and Sophia died in June quarter 1906 in Oundle, and buried on 2nd May 1906 at St Peterís. See more here.

Maria Wyman was born in 1835 in Oundle. She married Thomas Wells, a tailor, on 2nd May 1865 in Brixworth, Northamptonshire. They had 5 children, and Thomas died on 11th June 1890 and Maria died on 1912 in Culworth.

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