George Lee and Ann Whitehead - my great great great grandparents


George Lee was born in 1781 in Upperthong, Yorkshire and baptised at Holmfirth Chapel of Ease on 29th July 1781. His parents were Benjamin Lee and Mary Battys. Ann Whitehead was born in 1787 in Wooldale, Yorkshire and was baptised at Holmfirth on 27th October 1787. Her parents were John Whitehead and Nancy Mellor. See Ancestors of the Lee and Cook families.

George and Ann married on 13th Nov 1809 at All Hallows Kirkburton. George was a shoemaker. They lived in the Wooldale area. Ann died in June quarter 1848. She was buried at Holy Trinity, Holmfirth, as the Chapel at Ease was now known, on 16th June 1848. George died in in August/September 1862 and was buried at St John the Evangelist, Upperthong.

George and Annís children were: -

John Lee, my great great grandfather, was born on 27th April 1811 at Upperbridge, Upperthong, and baptised on 26th May 1811 at Holmfirth Chapel of Ease. John was a cordwainer - a kind of superior shoemaker working with Cordovan leather. He married Mary Cook, daughter of Jonas Cook and Esther Charlesworth. John and Mary had 6 children see here. Mary died in July quarter 1850 in Upperthong, and was buried on 28th August 1850 at St John the Evangelist Upperthong. Between 1851 and 1861, John moved to Glossop in Derbyshire (maybe a consequence of the terrible Holmfirth floods in 1852), and also married again, Ann, who maybe Thewlis. Ann however died in June quarter 1861. John died in June quarter 1878 in Hadfield and was buried in Tintwistle, Cheshire on 8th June 1878.

Benjamin Lee was baptised on 3rd October 1813 at Holmfirth Chapel of Ease. He died and was buried at Holy Trinity, Holmfirth, on 5th April 1814.

Mary Lee was baptised on 7th Mary 1815 at Holmfirth Chapel of Ease. She married John Charlesworth, a woollen weaver, on 17th January 1836 at Holmfirth. It is not entirely clear which are the correct family later.

George Lee was baptised on 30th November 1817 at Holmfirth Chapel of Ease. There is a George, the right age, married to a Hannah, but he may not be the right person.

James Lee was baptised on 19th September 1819 at Holmfirth Chapel of Ease. He married a Thirza. They had 5 children. James was a Stone Mason. He moved to Padfield and Glossop between  1846 and 1848. Thirza died between 1851 and 1860. James died in June quarter 1866 in Hadfield district.

Sarah A Lee was born about 1822 in Upperthong. She married George Kippax in September 1839. George was a Stone Mason. They had 3 children. George died in Jan quarter 1876 and Sarah died in April quarter 1884, both in Huddersfield district.

Richard Lee was born about 1828 at Holmfirth. He was a woollen spinner. He married Hannah Buckley in January quarter 1853 in Huddersfield district. They had 6 children. Richard died in July quarter 1888 in Huddersfield district, and Hannah died in October quarter 1894, also in Huddersfield district.

Ann Lee was born about 1830 in Holmfirth. She may have married after 1851 , This has not been found.


Photos of Holy Trinity Holmfirth and All Hallows Kirkburton may be seen here

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