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George and Mary Jane Holmes’s children were: -

  1. Frederick William Holmes was born on 15th January 1873 in Armidale, and died on 5th June 1939 at 344 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest, NSW. He was buried on 6th June 1939. Frederick married Emilda M Ryan in 1920 at Sydney. Frederick was a traveller, who took on his wife's trade too, and Emilda or Emmie a Milliner. His will is here.



  1. George Holmes was born 16th March 1874 in Armidale, he died on 14th February 1927 at Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, having lived at Scone, NSW. He was buried in the same grave as Frederick above.  He was a traveller.


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  1. Caroline Holmes born on 14th November 1876 in Armidale, and died on 3rd February 1928 in Inverell, NSW. She was buried in the Cemetery there. She married firstly Arthur Edward Campbell in 1902 in Tamworth, NSW, and secondly William Thomas Whittingham in 1921 in Inverell, NSW. Arthur died on 27th November 1914 in Tenterfield. William Whittingham died on the 8th April 1946 at Inverell, NSW and was buried in the Cemetery there. Arthur and Caroline's children were: -

Arthur George Campbell was born in 1903 in Tamworth, NSW, and died on 15th January 1952 at Inverell, NSW. He married Madgleen Albina Morton in 1927 in Inverell, and was an electrician. They had one son, Arthur "Tarz" Campbell

Mavis McConnell Campbell was born in 1905 in Tenterfield, NSW, and died in 1968 Gosford, NSW. She married 1) unknown Knight, between 1930-1934, and presumably died, 2) Hubert Basil Rogan in 1934 in Inverell, Basil was an engineer, and died in 1947 in Marrickville.

Frederick Holmes Campbell was born in 1908 Tenterfield, NSW, and died in 1956 Coonabarabran, NSW. He married Rose Davis (born England) in 1934 in Scone NSW. He was a motor mechanic. Their children were: -

                                                    Robert James Campbell born 1935 Mussellbrook, NSW, d 1995

                                                    Frederick Holmes Campbell born 4 Nov 1937 Coonabarabran, NSW

  1. Mary Holmes born 1877 in Armidale, and died in 1910 in Tamworth, NSW. Mary married William Albert Wilson on 26th December 1905 in Lismore, NSW. They had one child Leila Alice Wilson, born 14th November 1907 in Tamworth, NSW. William died on 9th Jan 1928 at Dragon Street, Warwick, Queensland. It seems likely that William married again as he was reported to have 4 daughters at his death. His mother Mary died in 1932, leaving a will here which left half her estate to Leila.

  2. Emma Holmes born 1879 in Armidale, died in 1959 in Marrickville, NSW

  1. Edwin John Holmes was born on 14th Nov 1880 in Armidale, amd died on 14th June 1962 in Marrickville, NSW. He married Helen Kate Kerley in 1907 in the State of Victoria. Helen died on 14th July 1972. They lived in Croydon (1915), then Ashfield (1915) eventually settling in the Hurlston Park area at least from 1930 until their deaths. They had the following children: -

Edwin Dudley Holmes was born on 7th July 1908 in Woollahra, New South Wales,and died on 31st March 1994. He married Dorothy Alice Ann Carolan in 1935 in Petersham. He was a clerk, and they lived in Earlswood. Their children were : -

Margaret Holmes

Dorothy Holmes

John Frederick Holmes was born on 8th March 1911 in Newtown, New South Wales. He was a despatch clerk who did not marry and remained at home with his parents. He died before his mother on 25th March 1968.

  1. Amy Holmes born 9th Aug 1882 in Armidale, died on 2nd March 1929 in Sydney. She was buried at Rookwood Anglican cemetery on 4th March 1929 in the same grave as her mother. She was a dental assistant.

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