Will of George Knight of Denton 1787



In the Name of God amen

I George Knight of Denton in the Parish of Manchester

and County of Lancaster being weak and indisposed as to

my bodily health but of sound and disposing Mind and

Memory praised be to Almighty God for the same do make

publish and declare this my last Will and Testament in

Manner and Form following that is to say, First it is my

Will and Mind and I hereby order and direct that all my

just Debts funeral Expences and the Charge of the Probate

of this my last Will and Testament be first all paid and

discharged by my Executors herein after named and as to

all the Rest Residue and Remainder of my Goods and Chattels

Personal Estate and Effects of what kind soever I order

and direct and it is my Will and Mind that they shall be

disposed of in the following Manner first or next after the

paying and discharging my debts and so forth as aforesaid I

give and bequeath unto Ann my loving wife all my

Houshold Goods and Furniture for her Use and Benefit during

her natural Life provided that neither marry nor

commit Incontinency with any other after my Decease and at

her Death, second Marriage or committing Incontinency as

aforesaid which soever shall first happen I give and bequeath

my said houshold Goods and Furniture unto my two children

namely Mary and Ann equally betwixt them two share and

Share alike and as to all my Interest and Property Money

Goods Stock in Trade and Effects Implements Fixtures

and Utensils which I have in Common and Partnership

with my Brother John Knight it is my Will and Mind

and I hereby order and direct my Executors herein after

named to cause the said Partnership to be dissolved

and to cause a just true and equitable Account Balance

and adjustment to be made and stated betwixt me and

my said Brother in all our Partnerships Concerns as

soon after my decease as can be done with Prudence

and Convenience not exceeding the term of Six Months

at the farthest after my said Decease and that all and


and so much of the said Stock in Trade Money Interest

and Property as shall appear to remain and be justly due

unto me as my Moiety or half Part in the said Partnership

Concern shall be estimated valued and sold by my Executors

herein after named and that the said Amount or Value in

Money hence arising shall be put out to Interest and it

is my Will and Mind and I hereby order and direct that

my Executors herein after named shall apply the yearly

Interest arising and accruing, from the Money so put out

as aforesaid and so much of the Principal as in their

Discretion shall seem meet and necessary towards the

Education and bringing up of my two Daughters Mary

and Ann and another Child if I happen to die and leave my

Wife pregnant herewith and for supporting and maintain-

-ing my loving wife Ann in such her inevitable Necessities

and Exigencies as shall happen unto her whilst she keeps

herself single and chaste and if any thing remain of the

said Principal at the Time that my youngest surviving

Child shall attain unto the Age of sixteen Years then I

order and direct and it is my Will and Mind that such

Sum of Money shall be equally divided Share and Share

alike amongst all my surviving Children and in Case

none of my Children shall live until the period above

mentioned and appointed for the Distribution of the

said remaining Principal it is my Will and Mind

that it shall remain at Interest and that Ann my

loving wife shall have and receive all the yearly

Interest arising therefrom during her natural Life

is she keep herself Single and chaste, otherwise or at

the time of her Decease the said remaining Principal

to go equally share and share alike amongst all my then

surviving Brothers and if none of them be then living


to go to my own lawful Heirs and lastly I do

hereby nominate constitute and appoint my loving

Brothers John Knight and Samuel Knight Executors

of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking

all former and other Wills by me heretofore at any time

made In Witness whereof I have to this my last

Will and Testament set my Hand and Seal this

twelfth day of March in the Year of our Lord one

thousand seven hundred and eighty seven


Signed sealed published                     }

and declared by the within named      }

Testator as and for his last will           }  George Knight

and Testament in the Presence           }

of us who saw the Testator sign         }

and seal the same


Joseph Walker

Samuel Warburton

John Bowker


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