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George Boyce Douglas was born on 20th Oct 1841 at Egham, son of James Douglas (watchmaker), and Martha Ann Boyce. He married France Louisa Dolby, daughter of Samuel Dolby and Sarah Ann Dix on 19th Jan 1867 in Bolton district.

Their Children were: -

Elizabeth Jane Boyce Douglas, was born about April 1868 in Bolton, was christened 20th May 1868 at Bolton, but died in May 1868 in Bolton district, and was buried at Tonge Cemetery, Bolton 0n 27th May 1868.

Frances Louisa Douglas was born in April quarter 1869 in Bridgman Street, Bolton, Lancashire, England, and was christened on 29th Mar 1869 at Holy Trinity, Great Bolton. She died in April 1869 in Eastern Bolton subdistrict, and was buried in Tonge Cemetery, Bolton on 3rd April 1869.

Beatrice Elizabeth Douglas was born on 6th April 1870, at Little Lever, Lancashire, England, was christened on the 18th May 1870 at St Matthew's Little Lever, she married Ernest Walton Battle on 6th Nov 1898 Bolton, Lancashire. Ernest and Beatrice had 6 children, Ernest died in January quarter 1953 in Fylde district, and Beatrice died in October quarter 1937 in Blackpool district.

Clara Jane Douglas was born 26th Sep 1871 in Little Lever, and was christened on 2nd December 1871 at St Matthew's Little Lever, Lancashire, England . She died on 25th December 1931 in Oldham district.

Mary Louise Douglas was born on 26th Apr 1873 in Little Lever, a christened on the 30th June 1873 at Whalley, Lancashire, England. She died in Preston district, and was buried at Tonge Cemetery, Bolton, on the 8th August 1907.

Archibald Dolby Douglas was born on 8th May 1875 in Little Lever, was christened 9th July 1875 at St Matthew's Little Lever, Lancashire, England, died in January 1894 Preston dist, Lancashire, and was buried on the 4th January 1894 at Tonge Cemetery, Bolton.

Florence Barton Douglas was born in June quarter 1877 in Little Lever, christened 27th July 1877 at St Matthew's Little Lever, Lancashire, England. She married Vivian Travis on 23rd Jul 1919 at Glodwick, Lancashire. They had one child, Dorothy V Travis, born in October quarter 1920 in Oldham district. Florence died on 5th April1954 in Oldham district, and Vivian died on 22nd April 1960 in Oldham district, having remarried Amy Horobin in 1955.

George Frederick Stewart Douglas was born in September quarter 1879 in Little Lever, Lancashire, England, and was not christened until 1st March 1884 in Ainsworth. He married Jane Annie Grandidge in December quarter 1906 Bury Dist, Lancashire, England. They had at least one child, Bernard Douglas, born in July quarter 1909 in Bury district. George died in April quarter 1962 in Bury district, and Jane died in the same district and quarter.

Frank Montague Douglas was born in April quarter 1881 in Little Lever, was christened on 29th November 1880 at St Matthew's Little Lever, Lancashire, England, died in December 1887 Lever subdist, Lancashire, and was buried on 23rd December 1887 at Tonge Cemetery, Bolton.

Martha Ann Pierce Douglas was born in about 1883 in Little Lever, Lancashire, England, and was christened on 19th December 1884 at Ainsworth. She married Robert S or L Paterson Jun 1911 Bury dist, Lancashire. No children have been found.

George and Frances moved to Bury after this.

George died on 25th Jan 1905 at the Lunatic Asylum, Prestwich, from 1. Senile Melancholia 2.Chronic Heart Disease 3. Chronic Renal Disease. He was buried at Tonge Cemetery Bolton on 30th January 1905. Frances died on 1st Jan 1908 in Bury dist., and was buried on 4th January 1908 at Tonge Cemetery, Bolton. Prestwich Lunatic asylum no longer stands but some pictures of the site are available here and below.





Incidentally George seems to have wanted to marry someone else only at 11.10.1865. A letter to James Douglas, Georgeís father went as follows: -


 I acknowledge the receipt of your note, and quite agree with you in thinking it would be highly imprudent for your son George to think of marriage at present but he is quite willing to wait until such time as he could keep my sister as she has been kept, nor is she wishful to marry in haste.  I am sorry such reports have got about us treating George and more particularly if they are untrue for I am much afraid I think both for his own sake and my sister he ought to try and sift this matter to the bottom and clear himself from all doubts

 I am sorry the distance is such that I cannot have the

pleasure of making your acquaintance but trust to do so at no distant period.

                                                I remain

                                                Yours sincerely

Prestwich Asylum

                                                     Mary Maud Graysen

Elm Bank

October 11th 1865


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