Will of George Denyer of Godalming 1710



In the name of God Amen the nyne and twentieth day of May in the sixth yeare of the

Reigne of our Soveraigne Lady Ann by the grace of God of Great Britain France Ireland

Defender of the Faith And in the yeare of our Lord One Thousand Seaven Hundred & Seaven

I George Denyer of Godalming in the County of Surrey mercer being of sound mind & dysposeing memory

calling to minde the certainty of death & the uncertainty of the tyme itt shall please God tocall me hence

being desired to settle my wordly affaires whilest here I remayne Do thereupon make & declare this my

last will & Testament revokeing all others by me heretofore made by word of mouth or in writeing in manner

& forme following (that is to say) First I commend my soule to God that gave itt to me & my body I committ

to the Earth to be in a decent & christian like manner interred & at the discretion of my Executors herein-

after named Item I give to my Son in Lawe Richard Tuesley One Shilling of lawfull money of

England to be paid him by my Executors as soon after my decease as he shall demand the same Item

I gove & bequeathe unto William Chitty George Chitty John Chitty my Grandsons the children of

William Chitty my Sonn in Lawe by Jane his nowe wife & my daughter & unto my Grandson Ezra Gill

son of my sonn in Lawe Ezra Gill by Mary his nowe wife & my daughter the full summe of Tenn pounds

of lawfull money of England apeeice, that is to say to each and every of them the full summe of Tenn pounds

to be paid unto them each & every of them att their severall respective ages of Twenty & one yeares

by my Executors herein after named But my will meaneing it and I doe hereby order my Executors to receive the

aforesaid Legacies soe bequeathed to my aforesaid Grandsonne out of my Estate & keepe? or employ the same for the benefitt

& advantage of my said Grandson and before any devision of any of my estate either real or psonall be made

untill they shall severally attaine their respective ages of twenty & one yeares as aforesaid and if any one thereof

my aforesaid Grandsonns shall happen to depart this life before he or they attaine to their said age or ages of Twenty

& one yeares then the Legacie or Legacies of him or them soe dyeing together with the Part thereof shall be padi to & amongst

the survivor or surivors of them Item Whereas I have Expended & laid out the summe of Thirty att the least in putting

my Grandsonn Richard Tuesley sonn of the above named Richard Tuesley by Elixabeth his first wife & my daughter out to bee

Apprentice & in buying him a frame to worke in apparrell & other necessaries Now I doe hereby devise bequeathe unto

my said Grandson Richard Tuesley att his age of Twenty & one yeares & unto the heires of his body lawfully to be begotten

forever soe much monies as shall after my debts & funerall expences be discharged be raised out of all my reall & personall Estate

as shall (with the thirty pounds soe as aforesaid by me already disbursed & make him the said Richard Tuesley

a third part of share of my Estate equall with my Executors hereinafter named But itt is my wish & true meaneing

that the aforesaid thirty pounds already disbursed for my Grandsonn Richard Tuesley by me as aforesaid

shall be received to him & his heires & be taken as soe much of his other share of my aforesaid Estate and to make him or them

Equall in the share or third partof my aforesaid Estate & not otherwise & I doe hereby order my Executors to deducte

abate it out of such share of my Estate as may aris & become due in Equallity with them & noe other wise

And my further will & meaneing is that my said Grandsonn Richard uesley shall happen to depart this life before

attaines his said age of Twenty & one yeares or without heires or Issue of his body lawfully to be begotten that ?hi, and imediately from thencefull?

the share of my personall Estate (deducting the said thirty pounds) as may att be unto him the said Richard Tuesley shall be equally devided

betweene my Executors hereinafter named & to their Extrs & Adms forever Item I give devise & bequeath unto my sonns in Lawe

William Chitty of Godalming aforesaid Maltster & unto my Sonn in Law Ezra Gill of Eashing in the parish of Godalming aforesaid

yeom All & singular my Estate in Lands tenements Goods Chattels & debts which I have or am possessed off within the Kingdome of

England or elsewhere to have and to hold doe dispose thereof after my debts lagacies & bequests in this my will given ?

to them the said Wm Chitty & Ezra Gill &  to the heires of their bodyes upon the bodyes of their aforesaid wives Jane & Mary lawfully

begotten or to be begotten & to their Exrs & Adms forever Equally to be devided & after ?which Legacies & devisies & debts bequeathed by

this my will is before ?bypitted &c appointed share & share alike. And lastly I make & declare them the said Wiiliam Chitty &

Ezra Gill to be joynt Exexutors of this my last will & testament And I order them to decuct over & above their devidend of my Estate

when devided & apportioned all such monies they shall or may Expend in the due Execution & proveing of this my will & alsoe such

& so much monies as shall seeme meete for their times & paines therein & therabout to be adjudged reasonable In Witnesse

whereof I the said George Denyer have to this my last will conteyning one sheet of paper sett my hand and seale the day

& yeare first above written


Signed sealed published & declared by the above named George Denyer

the Testator as & for his last will & Testament after all lineacons above

interlyned were soe interlined in the psence of us who subscribed

our names as witnesses hereunto in the psence of the said Testator

Willm Chitty senr                                        Geo Denyer

Henry Chitty sener

Wm Godfrey



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