Will of George Denyer of Godalming 1608



   The 26 Aperell Ao 1608

In the name of God Amen I Georg Denior of Godalming County

Sur being of good and pfect remembrance but weeke in

body I comende my soule to God y gave it and my

body to be buried in the Church yeard of Godalming

Itm I give to my Eldest sonn Nicholas Denior iij s iiij d

Itm I give to my sonn Henry Denior after my

desses all such goods as I shall have then left and I make him my executor

Itm mor that I give to my sonn Henry all such debtes and

rentes that is dewe to me by any writing or specialty


signd Georg Denior


seeled and ?

in the ? sense


signd Robard Chittie

Arthur Kelling


Probatm fuit hmod apd Guildford coram

Mr Thomas Ridley legn dcore effile dno Arthur

Surr et septimus die mensis Septembris Anno dni

1608 Jurate Henrici Denior fili de Exuter dni

Cossar fuit dno deceme et nixat et fili jure etc.


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