Early Genealogists in Douglas family


Frederick Douglas

Frederick left little more than notes on scraps of paper and the back of envelopes, yet had clearly tracked the family back a while

There was a family visit to Winkfield Churchyard, where Rev George Boyce was Curate for 49 years.

See the photo

Albert Douglas

He is said to have looked into the family history, and was relatively wealthy, living in South Africa and visiting UK every year. No information is remaining from any such research

Historical Documents

Clearly many generations have looked after the documents and photographs that have survived until the present day. A good many of these relate to the transfer of ownership of some land at Chertsey. It appears there could have been a legal dispute over the ownership, and the decision of the Manorial Court may have been sought. Some of the documents seem to be a legal opinion as to legality of transfer.





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