George Boyce Nomination as Schoolmaster



Ord June 10 1772


Geo Boyce his Nomi

-nation to the Master

-ship of the Schools in

the parish of Winkfield

in the C of Berks found

-ed by Lord Ranelagh

            Sal 30-


June 12 Lr dimy to

The bp of Lincoln


To the Right Reverend Father in God John

Lord Bishop of Sarum


                                    These are to Verify to your Lordship

that  we the underwritten Trustees of the Charity Schools founded

and endowed by the late Earl of Ranelagh in the Parish of

Winkfield and County of Berks have nominated and appointed

George Boyce of the same place Gentleman to perform the Office

of Schoolmaster of the said Schools and have allotted him the

yearly Stipend of Thirty Pounds provided by the Founder for

his maintenance in the same


                                    Witness our hands this Fourth day of

June in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred

and seventy two


                                                                        W Mitford

                                    Robert Woodford         J Bostock D D

                                    S Batson                      Jn Hayes

                                                                        Lillie Aynscombe


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