George Boyce admission to deacon and copy baptism



To the Right Reverend Father in God John

Lord Bishop of Sarum



            Whereas George Boyce of the Parish of

Winkfield, in the County of Berks, and Diocese of

Sarum, hath desired us to grant unto him our Letters Testimonial of his Life and Conversation: We do hereby certify your Lordship that the said George

Boyce hath, for the Space of Three Years last past,

behaved himself religiously, soberly, and honestly,

and, as far as we know or believe, hath neither

privately nor publickly maintained any Tenet or

Opinion but what us consonant or agreeable to the

Doctrine and Constitutions of the Church of England

as by Law established: and, with Deference to your

Lordship, we think him a proper person to be

admitted to the holy order of Deacons. In Testimony

whereof we have hereunto set our hands this Seventh

Day of June 1772


                        George Griffiths, Curate of Winkfield, Berks

                        Edward Earle Curate of Warfield

                        I Thistlethwaite Vicar of Sunninghill



George the Son of John and Elizabeth Boyce

was baptized, January 24th 1744


The above is a true copy of the Register of

Baptisms, in the Parish of Winkfield in the

County of Berks

            Witness my hand

                                    George Griffiths, Curate of Winkfield


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