George Bowker Cock and Mary Bond - my great great grandparents



George Bowker Cock was born on 3rd March 1813 in Denton, Lancashire. He was baptised on 18th April 1813 at St Lawrence’s Denton. He was the son of James Cock, a weaver, and Nancy Bowker. George had a number of jobs, from a journeyman hatter, warehouseman in a cotton mill, book-keeper at a cotton, mill and cotton mill hand. It has also been found that he was parish clerk at St Lawrence’s Denton up to May 1847. His death was always a mystery. A gravestone record held by Tameside Archives has George Bowker Cock aged 51 buried at St Lawrence's Denton, despite the fact that there is no death record or burial record. A death record in Manchester in the GRO index  is a younger man, who was also buried at St Lawrence's. The same reference to graves also has Mary Cock buried there 1898 (born 1810) and Eliza Cock buried there in 1925 aged 76. For some reason none of these are in the burial register. The grave reference is Section 1. Grave 23. However this will not now be in existence.

Mary Bond  (right) was born on the 24th May 1810 at Denton. She was baptised on 1st July 1810 at St Lawrence’s Denton. She was the daughter of William Bond, a hat manufacturer and Ann Knight. Mary died in June quarter 1898 in Hyde subdistrict, and was buied at St Lawrence's as above. She lived 35 years as a widow, it is known she had property, as she owned her houses, first in 12 Alexander Street, Hyde, later at 78 Croft Street Hyde. Mary was living at this address when she died on 8th June 1898 (of Old age)

George and Mary married on 6th July 1835 at Manchester Cathedral. The family lived at Haughton and Denton and then Apethorn, variously described as Stockport and Werneth. After George’s death Mary was living in Hyde and qualified as an Elector in County Council elections (which commenced in 1889) through ownership of her house at 12 Alexander Road, Hyde, and then 78 Croft Street, Hyde. The children were all registered and Baptised as Cock, but shortly after the family were known as Cocks

They had the following 8 children: -

Thomas Cock was born in about 1836 at Haughton, married Margaret Cooper on 22nd December 1856 at St Mary’s Stockport. They had 7 children, Thomas Cock died in March quarter1908 in Chorlton district. He was a Clerk in a Water Works in Gorton for much of the time.

Ann Cock was born in March quarter 1838 in Denton, and baptised 23rd September 1837. Ann married Samuel Gee in Oct 1858 at St Mary’s Stockport. They had 7 children, Ann died in October 1900 in Ashton-under-Lyne district.

Mary D Cocks was born in March quarter 1840, in Denton, was baptised on 8th August 1840 at St Lawrence’s Denton. Mary married John Knowles in Jun quarter 1868 at St Mary’s Stockport. They had three children and Mary died in 1921 in Denton Subdistrict.

Jane Cocks was born in September quarter 1842 in Denton, and baptised on 16th October 1842 at St Lawrence’s Denton, She died in Apr quarter 1848 in Denton subdistrict.

James Beaumaris Cocks (below right)  was born in March quarter 1845 in Denton, and married Livy Chadwick on 23rd June 1872 at St George’s Hyde. They had 6 children and James died on 14th March 1936 in Lytham St Anne’s. He rose from being a weaver to manager of a Cotton Mill in Rochdale.

George B Cocks was born in March quarter 1846 in Denton. He married Jane Boardman on 29th April 1878 at St George’s Hyde. They had two children and he died in Nuneaton district Warwickshire on 9th July 1905. Starting as a weaver and Colliery, he became a cashier, then a manager to a Cast Iron company. However after moving to Warwickshire, he was declared bankrupt on 23rd February 1894.

Eliza B Cocks was born in September quarter 1849 in Denton, and was baptised on 10th July 1859  in St Lawrence’s Denton – Her birth date was given as 12th August 1850 – it should probably be 12th August 1849. She did not marry and worked in cotton mills. Nonetheless she qualified to vote in the county Elections through ownership of a house in Barrack Hill in Bredbury and the 78 Croft Street Hyde, presumably left by her mother. She died in October quarter 1925 in Bredbury, and was buried at St Lawrence's Denton see above.

Richard Bond Cocks, my great grandfather, was born in October quarter 1851 in Haughton, and was baptised on 10th July 1859 in St Lawrence’s Denton – at this date his birth was given as 10th Dec 1852 – so his birth date should probably be 10th December 1851. He married 4 times see here for fuller details, and died at the Infirmary on 26th September 1925 in Leicester, and was buried in Gilroes Cemetery. My great grandfather, his children were all born to Eliza Leah, his first wife.


James Beaumaris Cocks


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