George William Edwards & Caroline Emma Holmes' children and their families


Frederick James Edwards

Frederick was born in Feb 1881 in Swansea as Frederick Walter Edwards and died in 1967. He did not emigrate to Canada with the larger part of his family.

He married Florence Gertrude Davies at Worcester in March quarter 1908, and they had two daughters:-

Elsie May Edwards born 21st Apr 1910 in Worcester

        Elsie married a Louis R Hillman in July quarter 1935 in Worcester, and had one son David Hillman, born in October quarter 1946 in Worcester District

                David Hillman married Lorna E Murray in July qtr 1969 in Stourbridge District, and they had two daughters, Lydia Hillman, b1972, and Naomi Hillman, b 1974

Mabel Winifred Edwards b 12th May 1913 in Worcester. She died in May 1997

        Winifred ('Winnie') married Ernest Simpson Petrie in Oct 1963 at Worcester, and he died in December 1973 in Worcester.

         Mabel W Edwards then married William A Watkins in Worcester in Sept 1975.










Caroline Emma Edwards (mother) 

Emma Caroline Smith

George William Edwards

Richard Whateley Edwards        

Edwin Albert Edwards




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