Families of Frederick Douglas and Ada Pullen - My grandparents



Frederick Douglas was the first son of Frederick Douglas, a baker, and Clara Maria Clarke, he was born on the 2nd November 1881 in Egham. Ada Pullen was the daughter of William Henry Pullen and Lucy Ann Holmes, born on the 4th October 1889, at Suckley in Worcestershire. William was a gardener

Frederick grew up in the baker’s shop at 77 High Street Egham, and on his father’s early death in 1901, helped run the bakery with his mother. He was sent to Oundle School, living with the Clarkes, his uncles aunts and grandmother, but came back as his father became ill.

Ada largely grew up in Dorinda Cottage, in Wick, near Pershore, Worcestershire. Her mother also died fairly young in 1906. It must have been in the next couple of years that the family moved to Staines, as her father moved to Staines with his employers, living at Claremont Villas, Moor Lane.

As both were involved in singing in a choral society or societies, it seems likely this is how they met. same clippings survive describing concerts, including the awful sounding Nigger Minstrels. They married in St Michael's, Cricklewood on 6th March 1913 (picture below). It is not clear what the connection is with Willesden and Cricklewood, but there first son Frederick James Boyce Douglas was born in Willesden district on 15th July 1913. Ada's address on marriage was 59 Ivy Road, Cricklewood. Perhaps it is because Ada was 5 months pregnant at the time of her marriage! Their second child was born in Egham on Christmas day 1914, so they were obviously back in Egham by then.

They lived at 9 Railway Terrace, Egham, Surrey from about 1914 until 1933.

Children were as follows: -

Frederick James Boyce Douglas, born on 15th Jul 1913 at Willesden, Middlesex. He married Lille Nancy Lintott in April quarter 1938 at St Mary’s Stanwell. They had 4 children, Ann Rosemary born on 1943, Peter Frederick James born in 1944, Anthony Brian born in 1948, and Kenneth John Boyce born in 1945. The family emigrated to Australia in about 1961, and lived for some time in Inverlock, Victoria. Fred died on 6 Sep 1992 at Wonthaggie, Victoria, and Lille died on 19th Jun 2000 at Moe.

Robert Bruce Douglas born on 25th Dec 1914 at Egham. He died before 9th Apr 1915, and was buried at St Mary’s, Staines on 9th April 1915.

Cicely Madge Douglas born on 20th Jul 1917 at Egham. Cicely never married, and died on 30th May 2010. She was very interested in the family history, and the guardian of many of the photographs shown on this website.

Kenneth Hugh Douglas born on 27th Jan 1922 at Egham, married Enid Bond Jackson 11th Jun 1948 at St Matthew’s Ashford. (My parents). Kenneth died on the 18th December 2013.

Doreen Lucy Douglas born on 31st Aug 1923 at Egham, married Thomas Forster July 1945 in Surrey NW district. They had 5 children, Jill Margaret born in 1946, Josephine Sarah born in 1950, Simon Frederick, born in 1955, Celia C born in 1958, and Deborah Jane born in 1964. Thomas died on 30th November 1971.

Clara Maria died on 9th Apr 1933 in Egham. In her will, the bakery business was left to the two unmarried children, Ethel Gertrude Douglas and George Percy Douglas. However Frederick was left some money, with which a new house was bought at 44 Pooley Avenue, Egham, which was in the family until Cicely's death.


Frederick died on the 27th Sep 1953 in Egham, and Ada died on the 12th October, 1984 at a nursing home in Walton.



59 Ivy Road, Cricklewood

Ada Pullen's address at marriage and possibly where Frederick jun was born

St Michael's Cricklewood - now an Apostolic Church


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