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My Great Great Great Great Grandparents

James Douglass and Letitia Joyce
William Varnden and Elizabeth and the Berryman family
Rev George Boyce and Mary Milton also Here
Joseph Pierce and Hester Bisley
William Clark and Jane Brice
Joseph Bull and Sarah Fisher to be fixed
Matthew Wyman and Susannah Arnsby
John Swain and Mary Spicket
Isaac Pullen and Ann (Nancy) Hodges
Joseph Bannister and Margaret Godwin
William Bishop and Hannah Hancocks
Thomas Tomkins and Mary Bird
Joseph Whateley and Ann
Joseph Woodward and Susanna Wise
John Lomas and Hannah Green
John Booth and Ann
William Washington and Dinah Hallworth
Benjamin Lee and Mary Batty
John Whitehead and Nancy Mellor
Matthew Cook and Betty Crosland
Joshua Charlesworth and Mary Jaggar
John Cock and Alice Catlow
George Bowker and Mary Shepley
Richard Bond and Mary Lowe
George Knight and Ann Bowker
Mary Leah
Joseph Hall and Mary Sikes
Robert Wood and Martha Heginbotham
James Shaw & Sally Swindells

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