George William Edwards & Caroline Emma Holmes' children and their families


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Caroline and George’s first child was Emma Caroline Edwards, born 1876 in Claines, near Worcester (right). She was christened on 29th Oct 1876 in Worcester. In 1891 she was a Horse hair operative brush’, and in 1901 a Tin tester.

She married Dennis William Smith (left) on  25th December 1900 in Worcester. William was the son of Elizabeth. Dennis lived next door but one in 1891 in the Blockhouse district of Worcester. Dennis was a furniture polisher aged 13 at the time. In 1901 Dennis is a Canister tester.


They have two sons, Ernest Dennis W Smith (left below), born in December quarter 1901, and Frederick Joseph Smith, (below right) born on 25th Feb 1904 in Worcester dist.

 The family emigrated in 1913, leaving on 28th March on RMS Victorian, arriving 4th April at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dennis’s occupation was given as weaver. In 1914 Dennis was living at 541 Linden North, working for "St Ry". In 1919 he was living at 574 Langside, and a labourer for Swifts. In 1922, the family were all living at 628 Garfield. Dennis was an employee of Swifts, Ernest was the proprietor of Queen bicycle shop, and Fred a Clerk for United Grain Growers. In 1935 and 1936 Dennis was living at 628 Garfield and was a porter for the Power Building. At this time his son Ernest D W was a chauffeur for Hydro Electric living at 986 Garfield.

Dennis died on 23rd Aug 1951 at his home, Emma died on 6th Mar 1953 at Winnipeg General Hospital.


Ernest married Pauline Vilborg Johnson (born Palina Vilbjorg Jonsson) on 7th Jan 1924 in Winnipeg. They both lived until at least 1977. Pauline was daughter of Phillip (Filippus) and Thordis Johnson, who were born in Iceland. Ernest and Pauline had two children, Fred, born 21st July 1924 in Winnipeg, and Walter (Wally) who was born on 27th January 1926, presumably in Winnipeg

Fred married Jean, and he died 12th Jan 2006 in Winnipeg.  Fred and Jean had four daughters: -  Jo-Anne, Danita Yvonne, Leslie, and Nancy.

Walter died on 24th September 1994, at San Diego, California. Walter had married a Helen Picken in 1949 in Winnipeg, and they had Naturalised to US Nationality in 1961.


Fred’s obituary is here


Frederick Joseph Smith married Adelene ('Adele') Isadora Manness, and they had four children, Winston Frederick Smith, Sheldon Ronald Smith, Beverley Jane Smith, and Dennis A Smith. Frederick died on 24th Mar 1970 at Winnipeg General Hospital. Adelene died on 13th Apr 2008 at Riverview Health Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It appears this may have been Frederick’s second marriage, as there appears to be a daughter, Hazel M Smith, who married William J Fuchs on 13th Jul 1946 in Winnipeg.


Frederick had been a keen curler and won many tournaments, his team each going home with a new car from one success.

Adelene's obituary is here



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