The Will of Edward Jackson of Macclesfield 1878


This is the last Will and Testament of me Edward Jackson of Macclesfield

in the County of Chester provision dealer I dued? My executor, hereinafter named to sell

call in and convert into money such part of my personal estate as shall not consist of

money and with and out of the money produced by said sale calling in and conversion

and with and out of such part of my personal estate as shall consist of money paying

funeral and testamentary expenses and debts and subject thereto my said Executors

shall divide the residue the residue of the said moneys into three equal parts or shares

and shall pay one equal part or share thereof to my son George Jackson for his

own use absolutely and shall pay one other equal third part or share thereof into

the proper hands? of my daughter Martha the wife of James Goddard for her own

sole and separate use independent of the debts control or engagements of any husband

and her receipt alone shall be as good discharge to my Executors for the same And shall


stand possessed of the remaining one equal third part or share of the said moneys

for the benefit of my granddaughter Ellen Beech to be paid to her at the age of

twenty one years And I dued? that in the meantime the said share shall be invested

by my executors and the income thereof applied to the maintenance and education of my

said granddaughter during her minority provided always that if my said granddaughter

shall happen to die under the age of twenty one years leaving a child or children such last

mentioned child or children shall take if more than one equally divided between them the share

which his or their parent would have taken if she had lived to attain the said age

of  twenty one years without leaving lawful issue then I dued? that the

share of my said granddaughter shall go and be paid to my said son George Jackson

and my said daughter Martha Goddard in equal shares I appoint my friend

Joseph Mottishead of Blakelow Gentleman and my sister in law Ellen Swindells

Executors of this my Will And I appoint the said Ellen Swindells the guardian of

my said granddaughter Ellen Beech In witness whereof I the testator Edward

Jackson have to this contained in this my Will contained in this and the preceding sheet of paper set

my hand this ninth day of April one thousand eight hundred and seventy four-

The mark of Edward X Jackson signed by the said Testator Edward Jackson

As and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us present at the same time

who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed

our names as witnesses the said Will, having been previously read over to the said

Testator who appeared perfectly to understand the same and made his mark thereto in our presence

G R Killmister Dr Solicitor Macclesfield Walter C Barber clerk to Messrs Killmister Son

& Procter Solicitors Macclesfield


Proved at Chester the 4th day of April 1878 by the oaths of Joseph Mottishead and

Ellen Swindells Widow the Executors to whom administration was granted

The Testator Edward Jackson was late of 92 Black Road Macclesfield in the County of

Chester provision dealer and died on 23rd day of January 1878 at 92 Black Road



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