Edward Jackson and Mary Ann Lomas - my great great great grandparents


Edward Jackson’s parentage has been debated elsewhere on this site- his age varies, his birthplace- and even his name (he was called Oswald on the 1851 Census). See here  He was born probably in 1805-7, probably in Manchester, and John Jackson and Martha may be his parents. Mary Ann Lomas was baptised on 12 Apr 1811 at St Michael’s Macclesfield. Her parents were John Lomas and Hannah née Green. Edward and Mary Ann married on 9th July 1827 at St Peter’s Prestbury. Edward was a collier/coal miner from then until at least 1861. The family seemed to move between Macclesfield and Marple:-

1827 married at St Peter's Prestbury. Both were described as of this parish

1831 at George Jackson's birth , they lived in Macclesfield

1834 at Martha Jackson's birth, they lived in Marple

1841 in the census they lived at Windlehurst, Marple

1846 at Ellen Jackson's birth, they were living in Daisy Bank (Richmond Hill) Macclesfield

1851 in the census address was again given as Windlehurst, Marple

1861 onwards they are at 92 Windmill Road

In 1871 Edward was a provision dealer at 92 Windmill Street, Macclesfield (the same address where the family were living in 1861). Mary Ann died on 21st December 1869 in Macclesfield and was buried in Macclesfield Cemetery. Edward himself died on 23rd January 1878 at 92 Black Road, Macclesfield. Windmill Street and Black Road join so he may have been on the corner. Present-day numbering has 92 on the opposite side of the street. Edward left a Will. See will here.

For some history see this site
They have kindly given permission for me to include these pictures of the site of the shop, later occupied by Thomas Cundiff


The Shop with St Peter's behind

St Peter's was only built in 1860s?

Cundiff's Shop

Probably the Jackson Shop


Edward and Mary Ann had 4 children, and there are some gaps, so there could be more children that did not survive. These are the children: -

George Jackson, my great great grandfather, was baptised on 21st September 1831 at St Michael’s Macclesfield. George started as a Collier but rose to become a coal viewer and Steward and Colliery manager at Carlton Colliery near Barnsley. He married Sally Booth, daughter of Isaac Booth and Mary née Washington, on 1st September 1850 at St Mary’s Stockport. They had 8 children. Sally died on 12th August 1872 and was buried in Dodworth on 14th August 1872. George died on 6th June 1879 at Carlton near Barnsley and was buried on 8th June 1879 at Dodworth. George had moved to Dodworth by 1861, and Sally and the children followed later. See more about the family here.

Martha Jackson was born on the 4th June 1833 at High Lane in Marple, Cheshire,  and was baptised on the 2nd September 1833 at Marple Bridge Independent Chapel in Derbyshire. She married James Goddard, son of John Goddard and Mary, in October 1853 at St Mary’s Cheadle. By 1866 they too had moved to Dodworth in Yorkshire. They had 8 children. Martha died in December quarter 1893 in Barnsley district, and James died in September 1903 also in Barnsley district.

Ellen Jackson (referred to as Helen on one Census) was born at Daisy Bank, Macclesfield on 14th December 1846. She married Joseph Beech in March quarter 1862 at Christ Church, Heaton Norris. Ellen must have been only 15 at the time, so I am not sure how she managed to marry! They had a daughter, Ellen Beech, born in March quarter 1866, in Macclesfield. Sadly Ellen died presumably in childbirth, in March quarter 1866. Joseph died on 5th May 1969 at Sutton near Macclesfield. He left a will. His daughter was not mentioned, all was left to his brother Thomas. Perhaps he did help later but there is no evidence. Ellen was brought up at first by her grandfather (who made provision for her in his will), after that by the Goddard family in Carlton in Yorkshire. Ellen jun married John Lomas (who could even be a distant relative) in March 1885 in Macclesfield. Ellen's christening seems to have been 18.7.1852 in Norbury, as family were there in 1851 see Mary's burial below.

Mary Jackson was born about December 1850 in Marple, but died in December quarter 1851 in Marple and was buried in Norbury on 31st December 1851.

In Loving memory of


beloved wife of EDWARD JACKSON

who died Dec 21 1869

aged 58 years.


the above named who died Jan 23

(no year given)

aged 72 years.


granddaughter of the above

who died Jan 19 1889

aged 22


who died Feb 6 1897

aged 85 years.


Edward Jackson & family's grave from Macclesfield Cemetery


St Peter’s Prestbury - this church was the only church at the time

where Macclesfield people could marry, though a few miles from there.



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