Will of Edward Maisters of Rotherhithe, Sailor and Owner 1582



Edward Master his laste wyll and testement made the vith daye

of Julye in the yere of our lord god, 1582, as followethe


In the name of god, amen. the vith daye of Julye in the yeere of our

lord god, 1582. I Edward Master of redriffe 1 within the co[un]tye of

surrye, sailer & owner, sicke in bodye - but perfecte of remembranc[e] at

the makynge hereof - thanks be to almightye god - make this my laste wylle

and testament in maner and forme followinge. Firste & before

all other things I geve and bequethe my soule to almightye god, my creator

and saviour, and my bodye to be buried in the churche of redriffe at the

discression of my frends wher they shall thinke mete. And for such goods

as god hathe lent me for a tyme in this world (my funeralls and debts

discharged I geve as followethe firste I wyll that ther should be a serman

at my buriall suche as the p[ar]son shall thinke mete, and to have for his payns

vis viiid Also I geve to the poore box of the p[ar]yshe of refriffe towarde the

reparacions of the churche, xxs Also I geve to Magdalen my wyfe whom

I make my sole executrix of this my laste wyll and testament - my house

wherein I dwell durynge her naturall life, and more I geve to her all my houses

w[hi]ch I have by leaces in redriffe duringe her life, saving that I wyll that Olive 2

master my sonne shall have the neare housse - yf he doe marye and dwell in yt.

And yf Mawdelen my wyffe chance to decease before Olive my sonne, and

Anne master my daughter, then I wyll that olive master my sonne, and

have my housse wher I dwell paiyinge to anne master my daughter and

to her children after her els a yeere. Also I wyll that mawdelen master

my wyffe a quarter a pece, and I wyll that Olive master my sonne shall geve

to his ii children, Olive master ye younger and magarett m[aste]r his daughter vli

a pecen and also to my daughter anne master xli out of the porcion of his halffe

quarter of the mary katheryn at the yeers of xxi, or ells at the daye of

mariage, Also I wyll that mawdelen my wyffe shall geve to Anne master my

daughter in money - or houshold stuffe, xli and to kepe at her owne

charges (yf she thinke yt for her profett) tyll the tyme of mariage. And I shall

desire my wyffe to be good to Olive my sonns children as she hath bene, tyll yt

please god to sed hym to marye, and folowynglye to dwell together as they have

done so longe as ye shall plese god to apoynte. And for my houshold stuffe

I wyll that mawdelen my wyffe shall dispose yt amonge the iii children

to wytt anne my daughter, and Olivs ii children as she shall thinke good.

And yf yt fortune that anne master my daughter do marye and

have nede of a housse - then I wyll that she shall have my newe housse duringe

the tyme of the leace, rent free, and for the rent of the other houses by leace

I wyll that olive master my sonne and anne master my daughter shall have

ye equallye devided betwene them and yf one of them faile, then one to be

an others heire, and, yf bothe faile then I wyll that olive master the younger

shall have my housse wher I dwell, and margarett his daughter to have

the other houses by leace, and yf anne master do marye and have children

then I wyll that her children shall ???isye bothe the housse where I dwell, and also

the other houses I have by leace indeferentlye devided amonge them. And yf

that they shall geve to vi of the nexte of my kynred dwellynge at walton

of the nase by harwiche, vili to be equealye devided amonge them and yf

all thes do faile & none to be founde, to make any fuste Hyll to any thinge

of myne, then I wyll that yt shall come to the use of the p[ar]yshe of redriffe for

ever. Also I wyll that mawdelen my wyffe shall not forgett to geve

to my sonne Olive in some parte of houshold stuffe at the tyme of his

mariage - such as she can convenientlye spare, thus comittynge my

soule and bodye my harte and mynd unto the lord my god yn

the vith daye of Julye in the yere of our lord god, 1582

Sealed and subscribed w[i]th myne owne hand

            by me edward master

presens of thomas

addye p[ar]son of redriffe


Probatum fuit hu[iusm]o[d]i testamentum ven[erab]ili

viro m[agist]ro Johe Hone legum Doctore Surr[o]g[ate]

Decimo octave die mensis Julii Annus d[omi]ni 1582

Jura[men]to magdalene maister vidue Rel[i]c[t]e d[i]c[t]i def[uncti]

et executricis in hu[iusm]o[d]i testa[men]to no[m]i[n]at Cui Comissa fuit

Admnistracio &c de bene &c Jurat &c Salvo

Jure n???s??ibus &c


1 redriffe is Rotherhithe

2 Olive is Olave or Oleffe

I have substituted commas, full stops etc., in place of oblique strokes


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