Will of Edward Brewster, 1674, Citizen and apothecary of London with one codicil


In the Name of God Amen, The four and

twentieth day of February Anno Domini One thousand six hundred seventie

four and in the seaven and twentieth yeare of the reign of our Soveraigne

Lord Charles the second by the Grace of God of England, Scotland, France &

Ireland King, Defender of the Faith &c, I Edward Brewster Cittizen and

Apothecarie of London being at this tyme sick and weak in bodie, but of sound

and perfect mynd and memorie, Praise be therefore given to Almighty God,

doe make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme

following: (that is to say) First and principally I commit my Soule unto the

hands of Almightie God, trusting through the Merits of my Saviour to

receave full pardon of my Synns and to obtayne everlasting salvation: My

Bodie I committ to the Earth to be decently buryed at the discretion of my

Executrix in sure and certayne hope of a joyfull Resurrection at the last Day:

And as touching my worldly Goods and Estate I give and dispose of the same

as followeth (that is to say) First I give and devise to my dear and loving

Wife Dorothy Brewster and her Heirs forever all and singular my

Messuages, land, Tenements and Hereditaments whatsoever, and wheresoever

they be, Upon Trust and Confidence neverthelesse that she pay all and

every my debts by mee owing, and alsoe that she she pay and discharge all and

every the Legacies hereafter in and by this my Will mentioned, And likewise

subject to such other Trusts and Conditions in and by this my said Will

expressed and declared: Item I give and bequeathe unto my loving daughter

Mary Brewster the summe of Eight hundred pounds to be payd to her at

her age of twentie years or at the day of her marriage, which shall first

happen, Provided and upon Condition that shee my said daughter shall

marrie with the consent and good Liking of my said Wife and my loving

Brother George Jefferies, Esq.: Item I give and bequeath to my said daughter

Mary the jewell my Wife was used to weare: Item I give and bequeath to my

Sonn Thomas Brewster when and so soon as hee shall attayne to his Age

of foure and twentie yeares the Annuitie or Summe of fiftie pounds per

Annum for and during the Terme of his nautrall life, the same to be payd

to him by Quarterly Payments at these four dayes in every year, (that is

to say) the feast of the Annunciation of the blessed Virgin Mary, the

Nativitie of Saint John Baptist, Saint Michaell the Archangell and the

Birth of our Lord God, by even and equall portions, The first Quarterly

Payment to be made at such of the said Feast dayes as shall happen next

after my said Sonn shall attayne to his Age of foure and twentie years,

provided neverthelesse, and my will and mynd is, That my said Sonn Thomas

shall not sell or dispose of the said Annuitie, or any part thereof, but if hee

does contrarie to this my will, attempt to sell or dispose of the same, or any part

thereof, then in such case the Annuity shall from and after that tyme

be payd and disposed of to and amongst my other Children share and share

alike, which in such case I give to them: Item I give and bequeath to my

Sonn Edward Brewster the sum of five hundred pounds to be payd unto

him at his Attayning to his Age of two and twentie years: Item I give and

bequeath to my Sonn John Brewster the sum of five hundred pounds to

be payd unto him when he shall attayne to his Age of two and twentie years:

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Catalina Brewster the summe

of foure hundred pounds to be payd unto her at her Age of twentie years or at

the day of her Marriage, which shall first happen, Provided and upon condition

that she my said daughter Catalina shall marry with the consent and good-liking

good-liking of my said wife and my said Brother Jefferies: Item my will &

mynd is that if any of my said Children shall happen to dye and depart

this mortal life before his, her or their legacie or legacies shall growe

due or payable, That then the legacie or legacies of him, her or them soe

dying shall be payd and equally divided unto and amongst the Survivors of

my said children share and share alike (save only and except the said

Annuitie of fiftie Pounds per Annum by mee hereby devised to my said

Sonn Thomas which my Will is Shall cease and determyne at the tyme of

his death: As for the rest and residue of all and singular my Goods

monyes, chattels and other Estate whatsoever as well reall as personall (after my debts

by mee owing payd and funerall charges defrayed and discharged), I give

and devise the same and every part thereof unto my said deare and loving

wife Dorothy Brewster and her Heires forever: Item I doe make name

and appoynt my said loving Wife full and sole Executrix of this my last

Will and Testament: Item I doe hereby declare that my Will and mynd

is that my said Wife Dorothy Brewster shall have full and free libertie,

and I herby give and grant to her full and free libertie to sell and

dispose of any part or parts of my reall Estate to enable herselfe thereby

to pay my debts or legacies according to the true meaning of this my Will

Item my farther Will and mynd is, that if all my said children shall

dye and depart this mortall life without any issue of their or any of their

Bodies lawfully to be begotten, Then in such Case, my said reall Estate

(after my said wifes decease) shall be equally divided between my Cousin

Samuell Brewster and his Heires and my said Brother George Jeffries

and his Heires share and share alike to rehome I doe in each Case if the and

devise the same, and every part thereof Item I give and devise to

my Sister Sarah Taylor the yearely Summe of fortie shillings during her

life to be payd to her by quarterly Payments: Item I give and bequeath

to the Poore of Bromley in the Countie of Kent five pounds to be disposed of

at the discretion of my Executrix: Lastly I revoke all former Wills by me

made, and declare this to be my last Will and Testament: In witnesse

whereof I the said Edward Brewster to this my last Will and Testament

conteyned in seaven Sheetes of Paper have subscribed my Name to each

sheet, and fixed my Seale to them all at the Topp of the first Sheet and

alsoe this present sheet the day and yeare in the first sheet written: Edw:

Brewster Sealed published and declared by the said Edward Brewster

the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us:

Thomas Avery: Ed: Roberts: Sam: Hoyle ser:


Memorandum, Whereas I have hereby before given and

bequeathed unto my three younger Children Edward John and Catalina Brewster

the severall Legacies of five hundren pounds apeece to my two Sonnes and foure

hundred pounds to my daughter, I doe hereby revoke and make voyd the said

Legacies and bequests to all intents and purposes, and give the same to my loving

wife, desiring her to take care of the Education of my said three Children, and

make convenient provision for them for their Settlement and Advancement in the

world: And as to all the other things before mentioned I doe hereby declare

them to be according to my intent and meaning: In witnesse whereof I have

hereunto set my hand and seale the two and twentieth of February one thousand six

hundred seaventie foure: Edw: Brewster: The Codicill was signed sealed and

published in the presence of: Thomas Avery: Ed Roberts: Sam: Hoyle ser:


Probatum fuit Testamentum suprascriptum Codicillo eidem

annexo apud London Decimo Die Mensis Aprilis Anno Domini millesimo

sexcentesimo sepuagesimo quinto coram venerabili M[agist]ro Richardo Lloyd Legum

Doctore Surrogato venerabilis et egregii Viri domini Leolini Jenkins militis

Legum etiam Doctoris Curiae praerogatiuoe Cantuarensis Magistri custodis suie

Commissarii legitime constituti juramento Dorotheoe Brewster Relictoe et

Executricis in hujusmodi testamento nominatoe cui commissa fuit Administratio

omnium et singulorum bonorum jurium et creditorum dicti Defuncti de ben et

fideliter administrando eadem ad sancta dei Euangelia in debita Juris in forma jurat Exr


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