Edward and Ann née Lee (formerly Aldous) and the career of Edward Jackson - my great grandparents



Edward Jackson was born on the 27th of February 1860 at Hawk Green, to the south of Marple, Cheshire, to George Jackson, aged 29, a coal miner, and Sally née Booth, aged 30. Edward was the sixth child to be born, though the first four children had all died young. By the time of the 1861 Census, Edward was still with his sister Martha and mother Sally (called Sarah on this census), but his father George was living with the Lomas family (probably relations of the Jacksons) in Dodworth, near Barnsley in Yorkshire. George was then a coal viewer -  a manager. Presumably the family followed George soon after, and in 1871 they were living in North Royd, Dodworth. George was by now a Colliery Steward, and was also referred to as a coal viewer and a colliery engineer. And from 1874 until his death in 1879 he was a Colliery manager at Carlton, also near Barnsley.
Sally died on 12th August 1872 at Dodworth, and George himself died on 6th June 1879 at Carlton. At the time of Sally's death Edward would have been only 12, and Dinah only 3 1/2. In 1881 Dinah, a younger sister of Edward was given as daughter of an Ann Jackson and living at the same address. Ann was 49 and born in Norbury. I never traced this Ann, but it may be that George had remarried after his wife's death partly as a means of providing care for his children. Edward was only 19 by the time of his father's death, though the death was reported by Isaac, a younger son, only 15. By 1881 Edward had started his career, and was an assistant colliery manager in Barnsley, staying with his sister Martha Andrews, who was married to Frederick William Andrews, a publican running The Shepherd’s Rest.
Times 8.2.1889 referring to previous day Times 9.2.1889 referring to previous day Times 16.2.1889 referring to previous day
Manchester Times 9th February 1889  

Hyde Colliery


Edward was awarded his second class certificate of competency at Hoyland Silkstone mine on 16th May 1888. By 18th January 1889, he was under-manager at the Hyde Colliery in Cheshire, and Joseph Goodwin was the manager. Edward was present and apparently underground in a different part of the mine at the time of a terrible explosion, which killed 23 people. He was living at Woodend Lane, Hyde at the time. He gave evidence at the inquest of the dead, held at Hyde Town Hall, on 7th and  8th February 1889, and was again recalled on 15th February. In aid of the disaster, a football match was held between Ardwick and Newton Heath (the present day Manchester City and Manchester United) which was the first floodlit Manchester Derby match. The match was held on 26th February 1889, at Belle Vue Athletic Ground, attended by 10,000 people and Newton Heath won 3-2. For more details about Hyde Colliery and the explosion see here, here and here. By the 1st March 1890 he was clearly living with his future wife as  my grandfather Harry Jackson was born at Wood End Lane. His wife’ was Ann Aldous née Lee from Holmfirth in Yorkshire. See Below. At the 1891 Census, Edward, Ann and Harry were living just around the corner at 71 Great Norbury Street. In 1892 their daughter Annie was born, they were living at 20 Higher Henry Street (again just around the corner.) Both children were baptised in the nearby St George’s Hyde church. See below for details of the children.

Ann Jackson née Lee

Ann Lee was born on 8 Feb 1848 at Upper Mill, Upperthong, near Holmfirth, Yorkshire. Her parents were John Lee, a cordwainer, and Mary Cook. She grew up in Holmfirth and Glossop, Derbyshire. She married her first husband, the Suffolk born William Aldous on 8th July 1866 at St Michael's, Ashton-under-Lyne, and had a son Fred and a daughter Sarah (Sadie’), who were born in 1873 and 1877. There  was also a son James born and ied in 1869. The Aldous family were clearly in Yorkshire at Penistone in 1877, and Worsborough at the 1881 Census. It is not known what happened to William as there is no death registration for him. By 1891 William was not around and Ann was living with Edward Jackson as his wife at 71 Great Norbury Street, Hyde. She was 12 years older than Edward, though had clearly modified her age downwards as her age was reduced when with Edward in Censuses. Now Edward and Ann didn't get married until the 30th May 1896 at Christchurch, Macclesfield. The marriage was by banns and the residence of both was given as Richmond Hill, which is very near to where Edward’s grandfather Edward Jackson used to live at 92 Windmill Street. However after examining the following, it seems very unlikely that they ever lived in Macclesfield. Perhaps they married out of the way of any scandal so that people did not know they were not married. Why they did not marry before is not clear. William was later referred to as deceased.

The register of Electors around this period shows where they were living and the properties owned by Edward: -
Year Residence Property/Properties owned
1892 71 Great Norbury Street, Hyde 71 Great Norbury Street and property in Woodend Lane
1894-6 20 Higher Henry Street, Hyde 20 Higher Henry Street
1897 33 Perrin Street, Hyde 33 Perrin Street, and 20 Higher Henry Street
1898 Perrin Street, Hyde 16, 18 & 20 Higher Henry Street

Perrin Street is very close to the other Streets mentioned. Note Edward was recorded as under-manager still at Hyde Lane Colliery in 1896 to Abraham Elce. For some pictures of Hyde houses and Church and the area see here.

Edward was awarded his first class certificate of competency at Manchester on 12th January 1895. He had been made a mine manager in Breightmet Colliery near Bolton by 1899. Further Electoral registers show

Year Residence Property/Properties owned
1899 25 Oakenbottom Road, Brightmet, near Bolton 16, 18 and 20 Higher Henry Street
1900 25 Oakenbottom Road, Brightmet, near Bolton 16, 18 and 20 Higher Henry Street
The family were still staying at the same address in the 1901 Census. The next event was that Edward’s stepson Fred Aldous married on 27th December 1902 at St James’s Church, Breightmet, Bolton, Lancashire to Alice Ann Hampson, a widow nee Haslam who had previously married William Hampson. Alice had two daughter from her first marriage, Elsie and Elizabeth Sharples Hampson. Elsie married Albert Boardman. Sarah Sadie’ Aldous married William Hobbins, an electrical engineer, at Kearsley St Stephen, Farnworth, Lancashire on the 16th December 1903. This is still near Bolton, so the Jackson family were probably still living there.
Nothing is then known until the 1911 Census.
Pendleton Colliery
Edward and Ann, with Harry and Annie are now living at 319 Whit Lane, Pendleton, near Salford, Lancashire. Also present was Muriel Hobbins, a (step) granddaughter, aged 3. Edward seems to be the manager for Pendleton Colliery. Fred and Alice are now living at 1 Dixon Street, Langley Rd Pendlebury, which seems to be close to Edward, and Fred was a Colliery Undermanager, so was presumably at the same pit as Edward. William and Sadie Hobbins  are living close by too at 308 Whit Lane, with newly born daughter Vera, while Muriel was with Edward and Ann. Muriel was born at Timperley, Cheshire. Later on, my mother’s cousin Trevor Hobbins was born on 7.3.1916 in Salford district, he was later always known by the name of his stepfather as Trevor Hammerton. Later Fred enlisted in the army on 8th December 1916, he was in 199th quarrying company, in the Pioneer Corps in the Royal Engineers. He was discharged on the 20th December 1918. His address in 1916 was 451 Bury Road, Bolton, and he was still an undermanager of a mine at this time.
In the meantime Harry married Mary Bond Cocks in Sept quarter 1913 in Salford district. By 1918, both Edward and Harry were at Bredbury Colliery, Edward as manager and Harry as undermanager. At this time Edward lived at Fernhill, 1 Lingard Lane, Bredbury

Fernhill, 1 Lingard Lane, Bredbury

Just along the road from where Richard Bond Cocks lived at Moorfield House, Lingard Lane


Gateposts confirm this is the right house

For more on Bredbury Colliery see here
Some time around this time Edward must have retired perhaps in response to the illness which was to take his life. He was presented with a Clock, which is remembered by the family. However when Annie died, this was sadly not retained within the family.
Edward died on the 1st of June 1921 at his house. He was buried in St Mark’s Bredbury. He was a Coal Merchant at the time of his death - his retirement and new occupation was probably caused by cancer of the oesophagus which caused his death.
A report on his funeral was printed in Stockport Advertised on Jun 10th 1921.

The People mentioned









Mrs & Miss Jackson - widow Ann Jackson and daughter Annie

Mr & Mrs Jackson - son Harry and daughter in law Mary Bond Jackson

Mrs Hammerton was presumably Sadie Hammerton nee Aldous, his step-daughter. Mr & Mrs Andrews. Mrs Andrews was Edward's sister Martha

Mr & Mrs Williams - Mrs Williams was Edward’s sister Dinah. Mr R E Williams was Dinah’s brother in law

Geo W Jackson was Edward's nephew, son of brother Isaac. George W Goddard I think is Edward’s cousin, son of James Goddard and Martha

Walter Goddard was Geo W Goddard’s brother. Walter Jackson was Edward’s nephew, son of Isaac. Miss Haigh could be Sally or Mary, nieces of Ann Jackson, daughters of her sister Emma. Miss Alice Hoyland was Ann’s niece, daughter of her sister Martha. Miss Hampshire is unknown. Mr Noah Swindells was Annie’s husband to be (He is described as junior as he was living with an older cousin called Noah Swindells).  Mr Wardle - it is tempting without any evidence to think this could be Annie's second husband!

Of the bearers E Cocks would likely to be Ernest Cocks, Mary Bond Jackson’s brother. He lived at Bredbury and would have worked under Edward.


Sadie and Joe Hammerton, Sadie was Edward’s step-daughter, née Aldous.

Noah and his cousin of the same name.

For details of Harry and Annie with Ann Jackson’s later movements see here.
Sadie Hobbins must have been widowed by 1920, because she married Joe Hammerton in January quarter 1920 in Holborn district, London. Note that a son Trevor Hammerton was actually born Trevor Hobbins, but clearly aisded by Joe Hammerton. They lived in the Baron’s Court / Chiswick area. Sadie held services in a Spiritualist Church in the area. She died in July quarter 1957 in Ealing. Joe remarried Ellen Weldon nee Merry on 30th October 1957 at Our Lady & St Joseph, Hanwell. Joe Died on 2nd January 1965 at West Middklesex Hospital Isleworth.   

    Trevor married Jean Pamela Lacy in July quarter 1949 inEaling district. Trevor died on 22nd February 1985, and Jean on 22nd February 2000., both in Surrey Northern district.

Fred Aldous was never known as a married man by my mother. Alice was alive during Fred’s military service during WW1 in 199th Quarrying Company of the Pioneer Corps. I have found the death of Alice in December quarter 1919 in Tonge with Haulgh subdistrict, of Bolton. Fred apparently went later to Sandarkan in Borneo (now Sabah and part of Malaysia), working as a mining engineer, he first travelled out in 1922, and returned for the last time in 1930. Mention that he was on a plantation seem to be incorrect. He died on 1st March 1936 at Fleetwood, Lancashire. The mines at Sandarkan appeared to be coal mines.
            Yorkshire Post, 3.3.1936
So Albert Boardman is the husband of Elsie nee Hampson, Fred's step daughter.
None of the family knew of Sadie’s girls, so their fate was unknown. However it seems that Vera died in September quarter 1913 in Salford district and Muriel died in October 1919 in Cannock district. Despite the funeral referring to Fred and family it appears Alice died in December quarter 1919 in Bolton district.
William Aldous and Ann had these children: -

Fred Aldous, was born on 7th December 1872 in Glossop, Derbyshire, was baptised there on 26th January 1873, and married Alice Ann Hampson nee Haslam on 27th December 1902 at St James Breightmet, though she died in December 1919 in Bolton, and was buried at St James's Breightmet. They had no children and he died on 1st March 1946 in Fleetwood, Lancashire, and was also buried at St James Breightmet.

Sarah 'Sadie' Aldous was born on 23rd September 1877 in Penistone, Yorkshire married twice as above and died in July quarter 1957 in Ealing district. She married first, William Hobbins at Kearsley St Stephen, Farnworth, Lancashire on the 16th Dec 1903. They had three children: -


Muriel Hobbins, born September 1907 in Timperley Cheshire, and who died in October 1916 in Cannock, Staffordshire

Vera Hobbins, born January 1913 in Pendleton, Lancashire, and who died in January 1913 in Salford district

Trevor George (Hobbins) Hammerton, born 6th March 1916 in Salford district, who later took the name of his stepfather. Trevor Married 1. Lilian M Gedling september 1939 in Brentford district, she died in September 1942 in Brentford district, and 2. Jean Pamela Lacy in Jun 1949 in Ealing district. They had two children. Trevor died on 22nd Feb 1985 in Surrey Northern district,and Jean died 22nd February 2000 also in Surrey Northern district.

Now it appear William was still alive after Sadie's second marriage, so presumably they may have divorced.


Edward Jackson and Ann had these children: -

Harry Jackson, my grandfather, was born on 1st March 1890 at Wood End Lane, Hyde, Cheshire. He married Mary Bond Cocks in September quarter 1913 at Salford Registry office. See here. Harry died on 1st April 1953 at Chertsey, Surrey.

Annie 'Cissy' Jackson was born on 22nd July 1892 at 20 Higher Henry Street, Hyde, Cheshire. She married twice (see here). She died on 25th August 1977 at Chichester

Bredbury Colliery can be seen with Fernhill House (where Edward and Ann and family lived) with Moorfield House where Richard Bond Cocks and family lived.

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