Edis Family



Recent acquisition of the Elton Parish Register CD published by the Huntingdonshire Family History Society has produced some progress

Elizabeth Edis wife of William Brice of Alwalton was born in 1703 ( as one of 11 children) to Thomas Edis and Mary. It has not yet been possible to find their marriage, but Mary died in 1737 in the Almshouses at Elton, as a widow after her husband who had died in 1724 at Elton.


Thomas was born in 1655/6 to David Edis and Elizabeth in Elton, again it was a prolific family, with 9 children. Elizabeth died in 1689 and David in 1690 at Elton.


David was born in 1624 at Elton to David Edis and (probably) an unknown Jane. She was his second wife. He first married Anne Kyngston in 1611 at Elton, but by 1613 both children and Anne had died. Whenever he remarried Jane, they had 5 children. He died in 1645/6 and she died in 1649.

David left a will  (I don't have this) and is described as a sherman. This is someone who cuts the nap from cloth

Further work is to be done

Elizabeth Edis ancestors.


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