Will of Elizabeth Varnden signed 21.4.1808 Will of Hester Bisley of Winkfield 1825 Cousin's daughter of Hester Bisley Joseph Pierce's wife
Will of Elizabeth Varnden (junior) dated 24.1.1827 Will of William Hodges of Dymock 1676 Yeoman
Will of Rev George Boyce signed 25.1.1819 Will of Thomas Wild of Hyde 1747
Will of Rev John Boyce 11.12.1771 Inventory of Thomas Wild of Hyde yeoman 1747
Will of George Wyman 5.7.1855 Will of Henry Wild of Bredbury 1726
Will of Edward Jackson signed 4.7.1874 Will of Thomas Turner of Bredbury Husbandman 1608
Mary Douglas transfer of cottage Dated 19th August 1874 Will of Edward Brewster Apothecary and Citizen of London 1674
Will of Hester Pierce signed 8.11.1805 Will of Jonathan Catlow Curate and Schoolmaster of Ashton under Lyne 1746
George Boyce Ordination 3.6.1776 Will of Thomas Neesham of Kingston upon Thames and previously of Stoke D’Abernon, Surrey, 1661, Clerk
George Boyce nomination as deacon 7.6.1772 Will of Catalina Neesham widow of London 1676
George Boyce nomination as Schoolmaster 10.6.1772 Will of Katherine Brewster, 1617, widow of Gloucester
Will of John Morewood dated 16.10.1647 Will of John Brewster of Gloucester 1605
Will of William Chitty dated 21.12.1768 (Letitia Joyce’s uncle) Will of Roger Cole of Southwark, 1627. Full will and abstract.
Will of Mary Joyce dated 3.2.1792 (Letitia Joyce’s sister) Will of Magdalen Maisters of Southwark, widow. Written 1609, proved 1614.
Will of Joshua Joyce of Godalming 1760 Will of Ann Cole of St Saviour Southwark, widow, Proved 1631 abstract
Will of John Pierce dated 17.10.1811 Joseph Pierce’s Brother - with a second administration in 1852 Will of John Cole Gent of St Olave's 1620 half brother to Roger Cole
Will Henry Trigg 1671

Sentence of John Cole 1620 Court Judgement concerning dispute over above

This is in Latin and will need considerable work

William Clark Inventory 27.7.1816 no will found (yet) Will of William Cole of Sudbury, Suffolk of 1589
Trigg v Trigg chancery case, Complainant Temperance Trigg, defendant John Trigg Will of John Lees of Alt Hill, Ashton under Lyne, yeoman 1674
Henry Trigg’s Inventory 1682 Will of John Stilwell of Thursley Yeoman 1659
Trigg v Denyer 1682 Chancery case, Complainant Henry Trigg (jun) defendant George Denyer Will of Elizabeth Stilwell of Thursley Widow 1646
Richard Smither and Temperance Smither v George Denyer Will of Edward Maisters of Rotherhithe, Sailor and Owner 1582
Joshua Joyce lease of bakery 1700 Will of John Wright of Winkfield 1648

Joshua Joyce Feet of Fines 1706 transcription and a translation from the Latin

Will of John Lytle of Gloucester 1602
Jane Trigge Feet of Fines 1672, transcription and translation from Latin Will of Hannah Hodges of Dymock 1797
Nicholas Denyer Feet of Fines 1618 transcription & translation from Latin

Will of John Wheeler of Newent 1730

Richard Joyce Feet of Fines 1651 in English Inventory of John Wheeler Mason of Newent 1730
Will of William Lambert 7.1.1721 Will of William Hodges Genlteman of Dymock 1790

Court Roll of Ramsey land transferred to William Clark 1783 } these two

Will of William Puckmore of Pauntley Yeoman 1730

Staffurth Clarke property deal 1820          } proving the Staffurth connection Inventory of William Puckmore of Pauntley Yeoman 1730
Anne Lambert John Staffurth lease & release 1728 Will of George Hill of Dymock 1723 Yeoman
Will of John Berryman signed 7.8.1771 Will of Alice Hodges widow of Dymock 1569
Will  of Ann Berryman signed 29.4.1795 Will of Henry Jeakins Chandler of Oundle 1689 (part missing?)
Will of William Wise of Packwood signed  17.1.1798 Will of John Wright of Winkfield 1714 new copy needed from BRO (microfilm is truncated)
Will of George Denyer of Godalming died 1608

Will of John Johnson gent of Chart Next Sutton Valence, Kent 1627

Will of George Denyer of Godalming died 1710 Will of Thomas Constable (senior) of Ockley 1576
Will of Esther Boyce of Winkfield died 1731 Will of Mary Chitty of Witley proved 1720
Will of Thomas Berryman 1754 Willl of William Gale of Moncken Hadley 1610
Will of George Bicknold of Godalming 1636  Will of Thomas Browne Yeoman of Winkfield 1656
Will of Henry Denyer of Godalming 1668 Will of Henry Joyce Card maker of Godalming 1614
Will of Jane Trigg of Dorking 1679 Will of John Cock 1723 of Ashton under Lyne, Innholder
Will of James Pickford of Maclesfield 1666 Will of Mary Bond widow of Denton, Lancashire 1835
Will of Samuel Knight of Denton 1806 Will of Jonathan Catlow Clerk of Ashton under Lyne 1746
Will of John Bond of Denton 1806 Will of George Knight of Denton 1787
Will of Joseph Milton of Warfield 1764 Will of Alice Pickford spinster of Ashton under Lyne 1730 s(Aunt of Grace Catlow nee Pickford)
Will of William Cross of Warfield 1701 Will of James Cock Weaver of Haughton 1838
Will of Elenor Cross of Warfield 1705 Will of John Platt, Mason of Haughton, Lancs 1764
Inventory of George Boyce of Winkfield 1696 Extract of the will of Jonathan Pickford of Macclesfield, Gent 1690
Inventory of William Boyce of Warfield 1647 incomplete Will of Alice Pickford nee Lees widow of Alt Hill, Ashton under Lyne 1730
Admon of William Boyce of Warfield 1647 (This is poor quality so only partly transcribed) Quitclaim of descendants of Alice Pickford Spinster proving that Jonathan Catlow's wife was a Pickford
Will of William Hodges of Dymock Gloucestershire proved 1799 Indenture attached to above Quitclaim
Will of John Hodges of Dymock 1658 Will of John Brewster 1648
Will of George Bowker Shoemaker of Hyde 1820 Will of Ellen Swindells widow of Macclesfield 1897
Will of Humphrey Leah 1711 of Mobberley Will of Clara Maria Douglas nee Clarke
Will of John Pickford 1670 (brother of Jonathan Pickford) Will of Thomas Hill of Vellmill, Dymock, Gloucestershire, 1756

Inventory of Ralph Bowers Miner of Mottram in Longdendale 1734

Will of Ann Jackson nee Lee of Littleton 1940
Will of William Varnden of Chertsey 1861 Will of Harry Jackson of Ashford 1953
Will of Sophia Varnden of Chertsey 1874 Will of James Douglas of Torquay
Will of George Jackson of Carlton, near Barnsley, Yorkshire, 1879 Will of Clara Maria Douglas to follow
Will of John Hallworth Collier of Norbury 1832 Will of Reginald John Sholto Douglas to follow
Will of John Margesson Blacksmith of Ockley 1625 Will of John Woods (Wooddes) Clothier of Grigges, Godalming, Surrey, 1598 to follow
Will of Margaret Margesson widow of Ockley 1628  
Will of Thomas Constable Yeoman of Ockley 1652 New South Wales, Australia Wills in the Holmes family
Will of Margaret Constable of Ockley widow 1653 Documents relating to the Terry Family of Warfield, Long Sutton and Totteridge
Will of David Edis of Elton, Huntingdonshire 1659 Documents relating to a property in Bell Lane Chertsey


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