Cranbourne Hall


Exterior views

Cranbourne Hall , built in 1709, which Housed the Cranbourne School was demolished in 2008. Both my ancestors Rev John Boyce and Rev George Boyce were Masters

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The building I surmise may (in one form or another) have been the  masterís house (was presumably used by servants are later) is to the left here, and runs behind the main building. (See linked buildings pictures.)


Below left - the building to the left side is the outside of the U shaped stable block

Cranbourne Hall Back Cranbourne Hall Back

Cranbourne Hall left

Some rather unattractive 20th century extensions were added

    View from the right is largely obscured



The Chimney on the left belongs to the main Hall, there is a linked building with two chimneys, and the half timbered building

These two may be the masterís house and a stable block. Picture take from Drift Road




Date 1709 visible here



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