Counties and areas covered in my Ancestry



This is direct ancestors only

Paternal Side


The Douglases come from Egham and Chertsey in Surrey as far back as can be traced, though the earliest record of James Douglass is his apprenticeship in Godalming. In this part of my ancestry, also Varndens come from Chertsey, though the origin before this is unknown.

The Joyces and associated lines (Chitty, Denyer, and Bicknold) are from Godalming, while the Stilwells are from Thursley and the Trigg family was from Dorking.


Surrey Berks and Bucks Map



All the Boyces (ancestors of George Boyce, b 1776) and other lines in this part are from three parishes, Winkfield, Warfield and New Windsor (just known as Windsor today), with the exception of the Terry family. This includes the Milton, Cross, Morrison, Browne and Hatch families.



The Terry family, which ended up in Warfield, Berks, via London/Middlesex, originated from Long Sutton in Hampshire



The maternal ancestors of Martha Pierce - the Bisleys on her maternal side are from Upton cum Chalvey. Her father's Pierce line appears now to be unlikely to have originated in Buckinghamshire, but may be from London/Middlesex.



The ancestors of Staffurth Clarke junior are all from Huntingdonshire. The Clark/Clarke family are from Warboys, while the Staffurths and Lamberts are from Ramsey. The Brice family are from Alwalton, and the Edis family are from Elton. The Bulls and Fishers are from Godmanchester, though not traced far back, may originate from elsewhere, but Sarah Webster and her ancestors were from St Ives and Bluntisham cum Earith. The Sallowbanks/Sallaybanks are from Yaxley.


Hunts and Northants Map



The ancestors of George Wyman are entirely from Northamptonshire. The Wymans were from Oundle and Harringworth, with a detour via Thorpe Achurch, (where the Browns come from), but the Arnsby/Armsby family meandered through Northamptonshire, coming from Oundle, Benefield, Great Weldon and Cold Ashby. The Palmers and Jeakins were also from Oundle.



Mary Swain was born in Wellington, Somerset, where her parents were married. However it has not been possible to trace the Swain or Spicket lines further back



Apart from the Hodge branch the entire ancestry of William Henry Pullen was from Herefordshire. The Pullens were from Much Cowarne, Pencombe, Bishops From and Avenbury. The Skinner, Freeman and Slaughter families were from Bishops Frome. The Bannisters were from Much Cowarne, and the Bishop family seemed to move around much the same area. The Tomkins originated from Winslow and Pencombe.

Worcestershire, Herefordshire, and Gloucestershire Map



The Hodges were from Dymock in Gloucestershire. Also from Dymock were two branches of Hill family. The Puckmores were from Pauntley.

The ancestors of Hannah Taylor were from Newent, this includes the Taylors and Wheelers.



The Holmes seem to come from Worcester/Claines area, though it has not been possible to trace back John Holmes or Susanna Probert.



The Woodward family came from Packwood and before that from Tanworth, the Clarke family were also from Tanworth. The Williams family came from Tanworth and Solihull. The Wise family came from Packwood too. It is not certain where the Whateley family originated. A complication in this area is that wills are held in three different archives. Tanworth was part of Worcester diocese and records are held at Worcester Record Office. Packwood was a peculiar and wills were proved in the manorial court of Packwood. These peculiar wills are held at Warwickshire Archives at Warwick. Solihull was part of the diocese of Lichfield. Wills are held at Lichfield Archives.

Warwickshire Map


Maternal side


The Jackson family came from Marple and Macclesfield, but it is unclear if Edward Jackson was from Macclesfield or Manchester. The Booths were from Marple area, and the Washington may be from Bramhall.  The Hallworths despite some effort not clarified seem to be from Bramhall or Poynton. On my maternal grandmother's side, the Leah family were from Werneth/Hyde - when going further back still in Stockport parish. The Smiths were from Werneth and Gee Cross.

The Wood family go well back in Stockport.

The Pickford family were originally from Macclesfield.


Cheshire Lancashire and Derbyshire Map



The ancestors of my great grandmother Ann Lee are all from the area of the Holme Valley around Holmfirth. This is divided between two parishes, Almondbury and Kirkburton.

The villages around Holmfirth were the birthplace of many ancestors, these are mainly Upperthong (previously known as Overthong), Wooldale (previously Woodall), and sometimes the parishes, which were Almondbury and Kirkburton are not further elaborated. Outside this there are branches from Holme and Mirfield.

Also George Jackson was manager of Dodworth and Carlton Collieries

Yorkshire Map



The Cocks/Cock family originate from Denton/Haughton, and before that Ashton-under-Lyne. The Catlow family were from Ashton and before that Colne.

The Pickford family were from Ashton though originally Cheshire.

Many families were from the Denton/Haughton area, including the Bond, Lowe, Knight, Platt and Broomly families.

The Bond family originated further back from Tatham in north Lancashire as did the Swinlehurst family.



Joseph Hall and Molly/Malley/Mary Sikes seem to be from Hayfield area, but not traced back.

Mary Shepley wife of George Bowker seems to be from Glossop.



The Brewsters originated from Gloucester.



The Neesham line has not been traced far, Rev Thomas Neesham was Rector of Stoke D'Abernon. The later Coles and Maisters were in Southwark and Rotherhithe.



The Cole family before being in Southwark were in Sudbury in Suffolk.



It appears that the earliest Cole may have been from Brixham and the Tamar area







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