Constable and Margesson Families

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A marriage has been found at Ockley on 15th October 1645 between Henry Trigge and Joane or Jeane Cunstable. It looks likely that this must be Jeane (as a variant of Jane), and she was daughter of Thomas Constable of Ockley Court, Ockley. She was the youngest of 10 (though 3 died in infancy). Thomas Constable married Margaret Margesson on 20th April 1600 at Ockley. Thomas died in 1651 and Margaret in 1652 at Ockley Court. Margaret was daughter of John Margesson and Margaret Bixley. Margaret was baptised on 7th May 1577 at Ockley. John and Margaret married on the 12th October 1572 at Ockley. John died there in 1625 and Margaret in 1628.

John Margesson's will is here, and Margaret's will is here.

Margaret Bixley - I had thought that a will showed her father was William Bixley, but in this he referred to his daughter as Margaret Bixley when she would have been married many years, so I have discounted that.


Thomas Constable's father is also Thomas Constable, clearly died relatively early, leaving this will of 1576 here. His wife was Joan. Their marriage took place on 4th June 1570 at Merstham, and her maiden name was Gawton or Gawntton. She was baptised on the 17th February 1544/5, daughter of John Gawnton and Joan.


Some online pedigrees of the Margesson family have been found. See below - note that Margaret Bixley is incorrectly given here as Margaret Riplowe.

It seems that there are spelling variants Margetson, Margerison, Margaretson etc.

The pedigrees differ in some small respects and one major one: - a Margesson who married a woman called Newdigate, and whose married brought the Surrey lands into the family, was said to be 15th C by some pedigrees, and some made it much later.

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