The Cole family of Devon, Sudbury in Suffolk and Southwark



I will trace this family back rather than forward as the earlier parts depend on one source, a book online

The Genealogy of the family of Cole, etc,...

The earlier parts of this may be a little uncertain, however this should be consulted to see the possible scope of the family.

This book traces the family from William Cole living in 1243 in Hetensleigh through to William Cole 8 generations down, whowas said to be father of John Cole of Sudbury. The book is based largely on a pedigree prepared by Sir WIlliam Segar, Garter, principal king of arms 30th June 1630. It does apparently contain one major misdating so I am being cautious here.


See also Tracing Catalina - a Spanish Connection.

So tracing back from Catalina Neesham, who was born Catalina Cole, and married 1) John Johnson on 21st Jan 1623 at St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, and 2) Thomas Neesham in November 1628 at St Martin's Vintry, I found that her father was Roger Cole from the following: -

It was fortunate that in the 1623 Visitation of Surrey that Roger Cole had given his pedigree to the herald and signed it.

A copy of the pedigree reproduced in Genealogical Gleanings is here (checked too in the Harleian publication of the Visitation of Surrey 1623).

It has also been noted that William Cole, who married Catalina de Gallegos, remarried Elizabeth Rushan, which is not shown on above, and Catalina's father was given as Ferdinando de Gallegos (variants Ferdinand and Fernando). However it is not clear where the father's name came from, see notes on trying to trace Catalina further here. Note that John Johnson died 1627, was of Chart next Sutton Valence in Kent, his will is here, and Catalina was with child at the time of writing the will.

Roger Cole married Anne Maisters, daughter of Edward Maisters of Rotherhithe and Magdalen, at an unknown date See Maister below. They had these children: -

Roger Cole died young

Roger Cole died young

John Cole died young

Elizabeth Cole, who married William Oland of London

Susanna Cole, who married William Lock of Merton in Surrey

Catalina Cole, who married 1) John Johnson on 21st Jan 1623 at St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, (maybe one child as John's will said she was with child) and 2) Rev Thomas Neesham in November 1628 at St Martin's Vintry. He became Rector of Stoke D'Abernon in Surrey, see Neesham Page for further information.

Roger died in approximately 1627, and left his will, see here. Anne died in June 1631 and was buried in the church at St Saviour's, Southwark. An abstract of her will is here. Roger was buried in the church at St Saviour's, Southwark on 14 Feb 1627/28, described as a Vestryman and buried in the Church, and Ann was buried in the Church there too on 12 Jun 1631,


Roger's father was William Cole of Sudbury in Suffolk, and his mother was Catalina de Gallegos, daughter of Ferdinando de Gallegos of Spain.

William married Catalina de Gallegos (1) on an unknown date and had these two children: -

Robert Cole who married Ann Cooke of Kersey in Suffolk and died without issue

Roger Cole as above

William married (2) Elizabeth Russham, daughter of Thomas Russham. This marriage may be deduced from her brother Jeoffrey's will of 1578, which is mentioned here, but is said to be a PCC will, which  I cannot however locate. I have a copy of their father's will, which may also confirm this. They had the following children: -

John Cole, married Temperance, and John died in 1620, leaving this will

Martin Cole

William Cole

Edward Cole

Jeoffrey Cole

Parnell Cole who married Michael Fettiplace

Elinor Cole, who married James Wraye.

William died in about 1589 according to his will here.


William was son of John Cole and Elizabeth Martyn (daughter of John Martyn)

John may have been born in Devon (son of William Cole if correct)

John and Elizabeth had the following children: -

Martin Cole, MP for Sudbury 14 Queen Elizabeth I

William Cole as above

Robert Cole

Richard Cole

Edward Cole

John Cole was said to be son of William Cole of Devon


The Ma[i]sters Family

Roger Cole maried Anne Maisters, daughter of Edward Maister of Rotherhithe and Magdalen his wife

Edward Maisters died 1582, and was buried in the Church at St Mary's, Rotherhithe, on the 13th July, 1582. The burial record describes him as a 'howseholder'.

I have his will abstract which described Edward as Sailor and Owner, refers to his Ship Mary Catherine and refers to his next of kin in Walton on the Naze. Magdalen continued to live in Rotherhithe ('Redriff' at the time) as seen by some lay subsidy roll records, but later moved to Southwarke as seen by her will written in 1609. Magadalen died in 1614 and was buried on 16th January 1614 at St Saviour Southwark. Edward Maister's will of 1582 is here, and Magdalen's will of 1614 is here.

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