Cock, Pickford, Morewood, and Stafford Families


James Cock b Ashton-under-Lyne 1769, married Nancy Bowker b abt 1766 in  Hyde. Nancy did not die until Oct quarter 1853, in Ashton-under-Lyne district, she had been living in Tib Street, Haughton, near Denton. James died on 6th October 1838, and from a death duty index record, and an act book entry it is clear it made a will, but it does not appear to be at Lancashire RO.

James Cock’s parents were John Cock of Ashton, living at one time at Ryecroft, and variously stated to be a yeoman and a gentleman, and Alice Catlow. John Cock’s parents were John Cock (an innkeeper) and Mary Cock. John senior had a second wife called Elizabeth Cocke. The Cock(s) family are stated to be a family with history in, and tenants of land at Rye Croft, Ashton-under-Lyne since 1618, according to History and Description of the Town of Ashton-under-Lyne.., by James Butterworth.

Alice’s father was Rev Jonathan Catlow, the curate of St Michael’s Church, Ashton-under-Lyne. He married a widow, Grace Smith née Pickford. Her first marriage has not been found, but  her maiden name is shown by a quitclaim at Lancs RO: -

James Catlow of Mosley, chapman (son of Rev. Jonathan Catlow of Ashton-under-Line, decd.), (ii) James Gibbon of Ashton-under-Line, yeoman, (iii) James Harrop of Ashton-under-Line, shoemaker and Elizabeth his wife, (iv) Miles Greaves of Ashton-under-Line, apothecary and Catalina his wife (J.G. and C.G. being children of William Gibbon of Ashton-under-Line, apothecary, decd.), (v) John Cock of Ryecroft, gent. and Alice his wife (daughter of Rev. J.C.), (vi) Samuel Crabtree of Ashton-under-Line, mason, and Grace his wife (daughter of W.G.), (vii) John Wood of Ashton-under-Line, chapman, and Catalina his wife (niece of Alice Pickford of Ashton-under-Line, decd. and widow of W.G.), (viii) Martha Boyes at Messrs. Harrison’s in Old Broad Street, London (maid to A.P.), (ix) Samuel Palin of Mile End Green, co. Middlesex, gent., and Elizabeth his wife (niece of A.P.), (x) Jonathan Kay of Ashton-under-Line, chapman, and (xi) Edward Gregge of Chamber Hall, esq. and Robert Gartside of Manchester, chapman (executors of A.P.) -- legacies by A.P.            Quitclaim  DDHP 1/3  28 Oct. 1758

Jonathan Catlow was apparently born in Colne in Sept 1703 to a Quaker father, Samuel Catlow of Colne. Jonathan was christened in 1721. He was a schoolteacher until 1725. James's origins in Colne can be justified. Unusually after ordination, in 1736 he attended St Catharine's College at Cambridge University and he was stated to be of Colne.

His wife Grace died at Ashton on 29th November 1753. The inscription on their grace read Here lieth the Body of Rev. Jonathan Cattlow late Curate of the Church for 21 years. June 1, 1746, aged 42 years & 9 months. Also Grace, Relict of Jonathan Catlow, buried Nov. 29, 1753, aged 52 years. Despite this it appears she remarried after Jonathan's death to Thomas Kirkbride, a schoolmaster  of Liverpool, who may also have been a priest. Grace was the daughter of John Pickford and Catalina Brewster. John was son of Jonathan Pickford and Alice Lees, Jonathan was from Macclesfield and lived at Pickford Hall. Jonathan married Alice Lees, an heiress and daughter of John Lees and Alice Bardsley. See John Lees' will here. Alice was the daughter of Alexander Bardsley and Ann Knott.  Jonathan was son of James Pickford and Grace Morewood, who had been born in Bradfield Yorkshire. James Pickford was born in 1616, his parents were James Pickford and Ellen Hordrone. James senior was born 1585, his parents were James Pyckeforthe and Margaret Hollynshed. Grace Morewood was born in 1616, and her parents are John Morewood and Grace Hirst. There is a brass in Bradfield Church to the memory of them and their 16 children.  John Morewood was born 1589 to Rowland Morewood and Grace Stafford.

Grace was the daughter of Humphrey Stafford, last of the Staffords of Eyam, Derbyshire. His two sons Rowland and Humphrey had predeceased him. More about the Staffords of Eyam can be found on the Genuki Website at .  This refers to an article by C E B Bowles on the family. Bowles pedigree of the family can be seen here.

The Staffords link into may of the most notable families in Northern England, including the Eyre, Reresby, Thribergh, Fitzwilliam, and eventually into Royalty.

Catalina Brewster was born (and married) in Bromley to Edward Brewster and Dorothy née Neesham. Edward was a wealthy apothecary and citizen of London, though he was born in Gloucester. His children were born and baptised in Ludgate, London and Bromley Kent. Edward left a will see here. His wife remarried Rev Edmund Lees of Ibstock in Leicester. Catalina lived  in Leicester too for some children were baptised there, before they relocated to Ashton under Lyne in Lancashire.

Dorothy Neesham was born in Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey to Rev Thomas Neesham and his wife Catalina. Thomas had attended St John's College Cambridge between 1614 and 1622, was ordained in 1622 and was appointed rector of Stoke D'Abernon which he held until his death or nearly so. Neither Thomas nor Catalina have been traced and their marriage has now been trace though Boyd's marriage index to Thomas Neesham and Cataline Johnson in 1628 at St Martin Vintry in London.

Thomas's will can be seen here, and Catalina's here.

Note the Pickford family has been expanded into a page of its own here.

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