Christopher Hall Leah and Hannah Wood - my great great grandparents



Christopher Hall Leah was born on 14th July 1826 at Werneth, and baptised at Hyde Presbyterian Chapel, Stockport on 16th July 1826. His baptism unusually gives his mother’s parents’ names as well as his parents. His parents were James Leah, a cotton dresser and Jane Hall. Hannah’s parents were Robert Wood a weaver and Cotton Dresser, and Lydia Ann Shaw. He was variously a cotton weaver, a servant, an ostler and labourer in a calico print works.

Hannah Wood was born on 26th September 1821 at Gee Cross. She was baptised at Gee Cross Unitarian Church on 27th Jan 1822, and her parents were Robert Wood and Lydia Ann Shaw.

Christopher and Hannah were married on 11th April 1847 at St Mary’s Cheadle. They subsequently lived at Werneth and Hyde, though Christopher seems to have left Hannah between 1871 and 1881 and gone to work in Hayfield as a labourer at a calico print works. He had previously been a weaver in 18412 and at the time of his marriage, and was subsequently and ostler and a domestic servant. Hannah died on 2nd August 1891 at 10 Bottom Row, Godley of Bronchitis Dropy (sic). She was buried at St John the Baptist Godley. Christopher died on 5th February 1896 in Stockport Workhouse, but was also buried on 8th February 1896 at St John the Baptist, Godley, the same church where his granddaughter Mary Bond Cocks was baptised as well as his wife being buried there. Quite why Christopher ended back at the workhouse in Stockport is not clear, he may have become ill and been considered the responsibility of the parish his birth. Yet it seems someone in the family paid for his burial.

They had two children: -

Jane Leah was born in March quarter 1850 in Gee Cross. She married Enoch Hill, a hatter on 4th June 1870 at St Mark’s Bredbury. They lived in Godley and had 10 children. Jane died in 1925 in Denton subdistrict.

Eliza Leah, my great grandmother, was born on 23rd November 1851 in Gee Cross. She married Richard Bond Cocks on 27th April at St George’s Hyde. They had 5 children. Eliza died on 1st December 1895 in Castle Further, Rochdale, Lancashire. Richard went on to marry three more times before his death in 1925 – see here for more information.

Hyde Presbyterian Chapel, also know as Gee Cross Unitarian Church

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