Chemists in the Douglas Family


John Pierce Boyce Senior

Was born in 1803 in Colnbrook, married Ann Northcroft on London in 1827. He stated his business on 4th August 1824, in Egham, and was still in Egham in 1828.

From 1832 until his death in 1870 he was a chemist in Chertsey, based in Guildford Street (now 132-134, on the corner with Windsor Street). He died in 1870 and was buried in Winkfield. See ads below. Also see the Chertsey Business below.

John Pierce Boyce Junior

Born in 1828 in Egham, he married Jane Ann Hills in London in 1854.  He started his business on 24th August 1853. He was a Chemist and wine merchant in Windsor between 1861 and 1901, though at the time of the 1891 Census he was a patient in St Thomas Hospital. see ad below

In 1887 he produced a report on water samples in Staines

George Boyce

Between 1871 and 1891 he was a pharmaceutical Chemist in Chertsey, living at the Cedars, and with his business at 132-134 Guildford Street, Chertsey. George took over the business run by his father John Pierce Boyce senior. His wife Anne Ogden Brown was from Northumberland, and wrote about the Quaker families of her area.  He was a J.P., and a county councillor. Special pages about the family here. See the Chertsey business below.


William Boyce Douglas premises is still a Chemist’s

William Boyce Douglas

William set up in Egham in approx 1899, having been working in London in 1891. he gave up this premises in 1901, and by at least 1911 he was running a Chemist’s in Victoria Parade back in Torquay, near his father’s second shop. The business seemed to be running under the name W B Douglas until at least 1946 at 1 Victoria Parade, Torquay, though it is thought he died in abt 1926.



Albert Douglas

In 1901 he was with his older cousin, William Boyce Douglas in Egham High Street as apprentice chemist. After training, he worked some years for the South African government. My father reported that he returned to Britain every year, and a total of 20 voyages into or out of Britain have been identified. Albert married Margaret Nash and had one daughter Lorna, a model. On of the ship’s manifests he is described as a dispenser. He was retired by 1930, and returned annually to England, the last voyage seen being 1955.

This shop was earlier a bakery under John Simmonds and followed by Archibald Douglas.






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From The Monthly Gazette of Health, or Medical, Dietetic, Antiempirical and General Philosophical Journal by Richard Reece M.D.

The Chertsey Business

Location of the Chertsey Chemists of John Pierce and George Boyce

According to research by Mr B Pardoe, John Pierce Boyce (?1803-1870) of Egham, chemist and druggist, by underlease dated 1 Nov 1832, took from Samuel Toll Bidwell of Chertsey, chemist and druggist, for a term of 11.25 years from 25 Dec 1832, premises at the corner of Guildford Street, Chertsey. Bidwell undertook not to set up as chemist and druggist within 7 miles of Chertsey Market House or a branch or agency ‘or otherwise assist in that trade or business during that term for any other person’. Boyce was clearly taking over the business hitherto carried on by Bidwell and which the latter had carried on at the above mentioned premises since at least 1825 (poor rate assessment) and probably from soon after 30 Dec 1823 when the head lease of the premises was executed.
The premises had for centuries belonged to the Chapman family which had died out in Chertsey in 1781 and it was from their heir Edward, Early Winterton, that Boyce bought the freehold on 25 March 1845, Boyce being then described as ‘of Chertsey, chemist and druggist’. He died on 11 Sep 1870 his will being proved in the Principal Probate Registry on 5 Oct 1870.
He left a widow Ann, a son John Pierce Boyce of Windsor, chemist, a daughter Martha, married to John Scurr Barton of Eton, upholsterer, a daughter Sophia Ann married to Robert Steward* of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, bank manager, and another Mary Cecilia married to Samuel Gee of Lewisham, professor of music. These joined on 24 Feb 1871 to convey the Guildford Street premises to another son of old John P Boyce, George Boyce, who carried on the business until March 1891 though by then he employed a manager. The premises nos 132/4 Guildford Street are still occupied by chemists, namely Messrs Cross and Herbert (deeds of 132/134 Guildford Street, Penes Cross and Herbert).


*Should say Stewart
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