Catlow family and the Moons - Quakers in Lancashire

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Rev Jonathan Catlow was initially hard to trace. He was stated to be of Colne, in Lancashire. His baptism in 7th April 1721 in Colne was as an adult of the township son of Samuelis. There is an extra word describing Samuel but this cannot been read. His birth was not found is the Quaker records - should be 1703, but his father Samuel Catlow is shown in Quaker records as marrying Sarah Moon at the Monthly Meeting at Trawden on the 8th October 1700.

Samuel is shown as father of Sarah Catlow on 10th June 1701, but Sarah, the mother died on the 18th June 1701 at Balgreat, Colne and was buried at Colne on the 20th. So Jonathan may or may not be son of Sarah. No other marriage has come to light.


Samuel died in 1725, and was buried on the 4th February 1725 at Colne.


Samuel was baptised on the 15th January 1670 at St Bartholomew's, Colne, Lancashire, son of Samuel Moon and Elizabeth Elliot. The family were stated to be of Grindlestonehirst, which was the name of one of the commons around Colne.

No other children have been found. Samuel was buried on the 13th January 1697 at Colne. Samuel and Elizabeth married on 30th June 1654 at Colne.

The father Samuel was baptised on 11th June 1630 at Colne, son of John Catlow and Isabella Blakey. He was the fifth of eight children. John and Isabella married on the 5th March 1622 at Colne.


Sarah Moon was born on the 23rd November 1672, to John Moone and Margret Harrison, Quakers. at Carhouse, Lancaster, Lancashire. John and Margret married on 3rd October 1665 at Lancaster - in the house of ?


John Moone was born at Lodgemosse, Colne, and baptised on the 15th June 1645 at Colne, son of Thomas Moone





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