Will of Catalina Neesham widow of London 1676



In the name of God Amen

I Catalina Neesham of London widdow being sick and weak in Body But

of sound and perfect mind and memory (Praised by Almighty God) Doe

make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner as followeth

(That is to say) First and prinicipally I committ my soule into the hands

of Almighty God, my Creator and of Jesus Christ my only Saviour

and Redeemer assuredly hoping through his mercy and merritts and the sanctifying

opperations of God the Holy Ghost to inheritt amongst the Elect the Joyes

and fruitions of Eternall life; My body I committ to the Earth whence it was

Extracted to be decently buried att the discretion of my Executors herein after

named, And concerning my Worldly Estate I give and bequeath All my

goods Chattels cattell household Stuffe Plate Jewells ready money debts Creditts

and Rights whatsoever To my very good freinds John Pelling of London

Apothecary and William Bramfield of Grayes Inne Lane in the county of

Middlesex gentleman for the payment of my debts and Legacies and performance

of this my last will and Testament. Nevertheless upon the trust and confi-

dence hereinafter following, That Whereas my daughter Dorothy Brewster

is indebted to me by bond one hundred and Fifty pounds principall besides

Interest my will and mind is That my Executors shall from time to time

pay to the proper hands of my daughter Elizabeth Luddington the Interest of

one hundred pounds Principall part of the said sume of one hundred and

Fifty pounds And when my Executors shall receive the said one hundred pounds

they shall put the same forth or purchase an Annuity therewith att their

discretions (with the consent of my daughter Margarett James) still Conti-

nuing paying the Interest on the said Annuity To the proper hands of my

said daughter Luddington according as her necessities or occasions shall require

the same, But soe and in such manner as the husband of my said daughter

Luddington shall not intermeddle with the same or any part thereof And a

Receipt or acquitance only under the proper hand writing of my said

Daughter Luddington is to be a sufficient discharge for the said Interest and

annuity or any part thereof. Item I give and bequeath fifty pounds The

Remainder of the said one hundred Fifty pounds to my said daughter

Dorothy Brewster upon Condicon that my said daughter Brewster within Three

moneths after my decease give security to my Executors (such as my daugh-

ter Margarett James shall approve off) To pay the severall sumes of Forty

pounds and Twenty Seven pounds which she owes them over and above the said

one hundred and Fifty pounds, sometime within seven years after my decease

And in the meane while interest for the same after the Rate of Six pounds per

Cents per Annum And in case my said daughter Brewster shall refuse to give

security as aforesaid, Then, my will is That this my beqeust to her be void Item

my mind is That out of the said Fifty pounds she find herselfe mourning Item

I give and bequeath to my Sonne Thomas Neesham (if liveing) Five pounds

Item I give and bequeath to my Sonne in lawe George Jeffreys Esquire and

to Sarah his wife both of them Tenn pounds a peice for mourning Item I

give and bequeath to my Granddaughter and Goddaughter Miss Margarett

Jeffreys my best Diamond Ring Item I give and bequeath to my Granddaughter

and Goddaughter Catalina Brewster my silver Sugar Chest Item I give and

bequeath to my Sonne in law Stephen Luddington and his wife Five pounds a

peice for mourning: Item I give and bequeath to my Servant Ann Banister

Five pounds Item I give and bequeath to the Poore of the parish of Bromley in

Kent Three pounds, And to the poore of the parish where I shall dye Forty shillings

Shillings To be distributed att the discretion of my Executors All the Rest and

Residue of my personall Estate whatsoever my mind and will is That my executors

pay and deliver the same To the proper hands of my said daughter Margaret

James (for whom they are especially entrusted) And an acquittance or acquit-

tances or other Release under her proper hand shalbe sufficient discharge from time

to time to my Executors for the same I doe hereby make and ordaine the said

John Pelling and William Bamfeild my executors And I do heartily intreate

them to take care of the due performance of this my last will, And over and

above all their Charges and expences, I give to each of them Forty shillings a

peice to buy a Ring Lastly I Revoake all former wills guifts and bequests by me

formerly made and given And Establish this my Last Will and Testament In

witnes whereof I the said Catalina Neesham the Testatrix have hereunto sett

my hand and seale the Fower and Twentieth day of Aprill Anno Dni 1676 And

in the Eight and Twentieth year of the Reigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles the

Second King of England &c Catalina Neesham Signed sealed Published and

declared by the said Catalina Neesham the Testatrix As and for her last will and

Testamentr in the presence of Thomas Avery Sam: Hoyle Ser


Probatum fuit Testmentum suprascriptum apud London Sexto

die Mensis Junii Anno Domini millimo Septcentesimo Septuagesimo Sexto

Juramentis Johannis Pelling et William Bamfeild Ex[ecu]torum in hu[ius]o[d]i Test[ament]o

nominat Quibus Commissa fuit Administraco Omnium et Singulorum bonerum

Jurium er Credir[orum] dict defunct De bene et fideliter Administrand[o] ead[e]m Ad

Sancta Dei Evangelia Jurat (viz) d[i]c[t]o Johanne Pelling Coram ven[era]bili

viro D[omi]no Thoma Exton milite Legum D[o]c[t]ore Surrogato ven[era]bilis et Egregii viri

D[omi]ni Leolini Jenkins militis etiam et Legum doctoris Curia Prerogativa Canta

magri Custodis sive Comissarii le[gi]time Constitut Et d[i]c[t]o Willimo Bamfeild

Coram ven[era]bili viro Henrico Fantenberry Legum d[o]c[t]ore Surrogato etiam d[i]c[t]i

Domini Leolini Jenkins militis Comissarii &c


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