Boyce family inscriptions from St Mary’s Church, Winkfield*



Rev George Boyce

The Rev George Boyce 49 years Curate of the Parish Departed this life on 27th January 1824 Aged 80 years Also of Mary wife of the above Departed this life on 11th May 1811 Aged 61 years


John Pierce Boyce

John Pierce Boyce of Chertsey died on 11th September 1870 Aged 67 and his wife Ann died on 2nd March 1878


John Pierce Boyce

John Pierce Boyce of Windsor died on 25th June 1911 Aged 83 and his wife Jane Ann died 14th June 1902 Aged 74


William Boyce

William Boyce died on 17th February 1873 in the service of his (worn)



*I transcribed these early in my researches, these may have been slightly abbreviated. These were the only Boyce graves I could find at that date.

I cannot find these at present.


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