Bond family of Denton/Haughton and Tatham, Lancashire



I have for some time known part of the Bond family ancestry in Denton, Lancashire. The Bonds had a particular fascination because my mother retains Bond as a middle name. I found that Mary Bond married George Bowker Cock at Manchester Cathedral. Both were from Denton, Lancashire. Mary Bond was daughter of William Bond a hatter, she was born in 1810. William was born in 1784 in Denton, son of Richard Bond, also a hatter.


Now Familysearch had carried a patron submitted record of Richard's parents as John Bond and Ellen. These submissions are not completely reliable.

I found John Bond's death duty record

The executors are Richard Bond and Henry (Sons) and Legatees are Thos, Wm, Henry and Swinlest


The patron submission had also given William as another son. John's death was found in 1806 and his occupation was steel mill cutter (though note Yeo: given above). Ellen died in 1803.


John and Ellen were not from Denton as earlier parish records did not have their burials or baptisms. I initially discounted a marriage record from Tatham of John Bond marrying Ellin Swinlehurst in Tatham in the North of Lancashire on 10th September 1758. John was a husbandman.  However in casting about for possible brothers to Richard, I found two at Manchester Cathedral of Swinlest Bond and Isabel. Swinlest or Swindlest seems a probable contraction of Swinlehurst (or Swindlehurst). I also found that Swinlest and his descendants were living in the Denton and Hyde area.


So tentatively I arrived at this family


Richard Bond born about 1758, place unknown

William Bond born about 1762, place unknown

Henry Bond place and date of birth unknown

Isabel Bond baptised 26th January 1777 at Manchester Cathedral. Could have been born at Denton

Swinlest Bond baptised 4th October 1778 at Manchester Cathedral. Could have been born at Denton.

Thomas Bond, birthplace and time unknown.


John left a will see here which confirms above family.


The marriage licence bond (Held at Lancaster archives and detailed in their online index LANCAT) gives Ellen as living in Tatham and John living at Lytham Bank, Tatham as a yeoman. Lytham Bank appears to be Lythe Bank near Tatham Fells on modern maps.

Ellen Swinlehurst was born to Thomas Swinglehurst in Gisburn, Yorkshire in 1738.

Thomas married Elizabeth Speak on 18th November 1725 in Gisburn, Yorkshire.

They had 6 children born in Gisburn and one born in Slaidburn. At marriage Thomas's address was Halstead (not sure where this refers to)

Swinlehurst/Swinglehurst/Swindlehurst history is on this page


I have not found a baptism for John Bond though the Hearth Tax returns 1664, 1666, and 1673, and Customary Rent returns of 1672 show Christopher Boind of Lyth, John Bond of Fossbank, John Bond of Lyth and William Bond of Lythbank.

There are Bond family in Lythbank back to at least 1634

Wills and Admons in an index give the following: -

Bond Annie of parish of Tatham Admon 1634

Bond Richard of parish of Tatham Admon 1628

Bonde John of Lyeth [Lythe] parish of Tatham 1588

Bond Janat of Jva parish of Tatham 1687

Bond Richard of Lythbanck in Tatham 1690

Bond William of Lyth Banke 1695


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