Bakers in the Douglas Family


Middle Hill, Egham

George Boyce and his wife Martha née Pierce were certainly in Egham as Bakers by 1819 (when his father the Rev George Boyce wrote his will). The Baker’s is definitely running at Middle Hill from 1841 with George and Martha, George’s brother William. The building still stands in Middle Hill called the Old Bakery which is the location of this. George died in 1854, and Martha in 1851. In 1855, a directory shows Misses S. P. and E. Boyce as running the bakery.

Sarah married Albert Douglas in 1859, and the bakery runs at least until 1881. Frederick Douglas, Albert’s nephew Frederick is working there in 1871, though he starts up in the High Street by 1881. Albert and Sarah have no children, but raise two orphaned great nieces Sarah Boyce Donaldson and Mary Boyce Donaldson. The old bakery

Egham High Street

            John Simmonds & Elizabeth Ann née Boyce and Archibald Douglas

The first bakery in the family in the High Street was a bakers and confectioners run by John Simmons and his wife Elizabeth Ann (née Boyce), running at least 1861 and 1871. Archibald Douglas, Elizabeth’s nephew worked and lived there, and seemed to have been running it from 1874 until at least 1879, though ownership at that time is unclear. Note that the same property as later take over by William Boyce Douglas for a chemists’ shop, and still in that business today. See picture.

            Frederick Douglas, after his death his Widow Clara Maria, then own by Ethel and Percy Douglas, also run by Frederick Douglas

Frederick Douglas with his wife Clara Maria née Clarke started in the High St as baker and tobacconist by 1881, though his son’s birth certificate refers to his father as a tobacconist. The photo of a shop appears to be at this time, it is clearly not 77 High Street. John Donaldson, Frederick’s orphaned nephew is working at the shop in 1881, having been raised by James Douglas.

Frederick died at only 51, when his youngest child Jack (Reginald John) is only 3. Frederick Junior, the oldest son, joined his mother in the running of the bakery. Some of the younger children are sent to relatives. Albert "Bert" was already staying with the Clarkes in order to attend Oundle School. 

When his mother Clara Maria died in 1933,  the Bakery was left not to Frederick but his unmarried brother and sister George Percy and Ethel. Frederick died in 1953, Percy in 1971, Ethel died in 1973. The Douglases has sold the premises by 1963. The building was demolished in 1984-5 and newer premises built on the site.

A postcard and another picture showing the shop at 77 High Street, can be seen here.

George Hall, Macclesfield

George took of the grocer’s shop started by Edward Jackson, then run by his aunt Ellen Swindells - he is shown as a baker, after taking over the business he is a baker and grocer. George’s mother was Sarah Ann Lomas, and related to Ellen Swindells.

Joyce  family baker’s in Godalming

Joshua,1699-1760, father of Letitia Joyce (James Douglass’s wife) was a baker in Godalming. He was twice Warden of Godalming, in 1737 and 1747.

His father, Joshua Joyce 1663-1725 was also a baker in Godalming, and he was Warden of Godalming in 1714.

In 1700 he bought or leased the property which is apparently now that occupied by Godalming Museum, in the High Street, opposite the Pepperpot’. See here for details of this property. Also see here for Joyce family.


Thomas Dolby, witness of Rev George Boyce’s will and husband of Martha Pierce’s sister Elizabeth (see above for Martha) was a baker. After his death his widow was a baker herself, and their daughter Sally Pierce Dolby married George Boyce, son of Rev George Boyce’s son John, who was himself (George jun) a baker for a while, later became a farmer.

Charles Herbert A Douglas, Exmouth

Son of James Douglas of Torquay, he was a baker & confectioner in Exmouth


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