Will of Ann Cole of St Saviour Southwark, widow, Proved 1631



(Abstract only as will not yet located)

Ann Cole of St Saviour Southwark, widow, sick (to be buried near my husband (Mr) Roger Cole, deceased.; to poor of Clink Liberty 5)
to my brother (Mr) Olave Masters 2; to my cousin (Mr) Edward Cole 2; to my old faithful servant Mary Clements 2 and the bed she lies on and its furniture, and two pairs of sheets; residue to my daughters Elizabeth Ascoughe wife of William Ascoughe, Susan Locke wife of William Locke and Catalina Neesham wife of Thomas Neesham equally, execs.; sons in law to enter a bond of 200; I forgive my son Locke the small reckoning between us; to my goddaughter Susan Archer a pair of flaxen sheets, tablecloth, twelve napkins, twelve towels and 2 to be paid to her father (Mr) James Archer to her use; to my cousin Margaret Addams 3; to my daughter Ayscough my hatband with the largest gold button being my second best hatband; the diamonds and rubies of my best hat to be divided between my daughters and the gold buttons to my daughter Locke; to my son Locke my seal ring; to my friend Nicholas Sheppard my best diamond ring
Witnesses: Edward Cole; Frances Juby; Ravis Benson
Proved: 15 Jun 1631 to execs.


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